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brutalsick's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Aryaputra Pande 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death Metal 

My name is Putra Pande, but better known by his code name BRUTALSICK. I come from Bali - Indonesia.

I'm only a listener, music lovers and observers of Rock & Metal since 37 years ago.

In 1998 I made the first webzine in Indonesia with the name Indogrinder - Indonesian Corpsegrinder webzine featuring information about Extreme Metal bands from Indonesia. ( old web : )

However, in 2000 was renamed webzine Anorexia Orgasm webzine that displays information about the music world, especially the wing Extreme Metal Death Metal, Brutal Death, Grindcore and Goregrind from foreign countries. ( old web : )

In 2001 the name changed back into BLOODYORGASM Webzine with a more nuanced view Dark and full of blood. This webzine had become one of the most exciting moment, until finally in 2006 I had to close my webzine Due to busy work and family.

Besides that, I have also contributed a lot to the metal scene in Indonesia by helping friends to create websites for their labels or bands. Among others :
- Extreme Souls Productions ( old web : )
- Edelweiss Productions ( old web : )
- GrindButo ( old web : )
- Bloodygore ( old web : )
- Morbifik ( old web : )
- much more but I've forgotten

Since 2021, I have been forced down the mountain by my best friend, Agus Yankky (founder and lifetime chairman of the 1921 Balicorpsegrinder community), to become active in the Underground Music scene again. Precisely in March 2021 I was asked to create a virtual radio / online radio that specializes in playing Rock and Metal music. This online radio can be listened to at any time 24 hours a day - 7 days a week from anywhere. This online radio is then named '1921 Baliheadbanger Online Radio (1921BHOR)' which can be accessed via the web:
Since then, I have been active in the Underground scene until now.

However, even though I'm no longer young, almost half a century old, the soul and blood of Metal always flows in my body, so the desire to continue to exist in the world of the Underground scene, especially Extreme Metal music is always passionate.

So... till now and till death Extreme Metal will always flow in any blood vessel and my soul.