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blitzkraven's profile

Metal newbie 
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Anthony McAlexander 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Melodic 

The first (specifically metal) band that I have to mention is Opeth. I love Immortal (all the way through) and Emperor. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan, and I enjoy anything that is technically beautiful such as 3, Porcupine Tree, Children of Bodom, Iced Earth and almost anything of rock origin that isn't too whiny. I have been on a complete evil binge for a long time now, so black metal is what most clearly characterizes my musical outlook at the moment. To my ears, Leviathan's 10th Sublevel of Suicide is the absolute best example of musical perfection able to be achieved by a black metal band. It has banshee like vocals, dark dissonant sounds, wholey atmospheric chord progressions, and totally genius riffs. It is the perfect example of all a strictly defined black metal band can be, and only be one man. Immaculate blasphemy. Perfection manifested with 75% shitty production quality.