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blindchaos676's profile

Metal lord 
Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Crossover/Death/Thrash Metal 

Usually Ill Listen To Anything From Old School Rap To Goregrind, From Death Metal To Hardcore Punk, Or From Neue Deutsche Härte To Jazz, And Mostly Everything In Between (Depending On Certain Genres), But Some of My Favorite Bands/Groups Are: Ghost, Tank, Saxon, Ghoul, Exhumed, Angel Witch, Satanika, Candlemass, Suicidal Tendencies, Spirit World, Gatecreeper, Power Trip, Onslaught, Body Count, Bolt Thrower, Annihilator, Death Toll 80k, Cancer, And Many, Many, More.

Other Artists Whose Stuff I Own That Is Not On The Archives:

100 Demons-100 Demons [CD]
AC/DC-Let There Be Rock [Vinyl]
Agnostic Front-Another Voice [CD]
Agnostic Front-Dead Yuppies [CD]
Anal Trump-If You Thought Six Million Jews Was A Lot of People, You Should've Seen My Inauguration [Bandcamp Mp3]
Assjack-Assjack [CD]
Between The Buried And Me-Alaska [2 Disc Version] [CD]
Between The Buried And Me-The Anatome of [CD]
Between The Buried And Me-Between The Buried And Me [CD]
Between The Buried And Me-The Silent Circus [CD]
Between The Buried And Me-Split (Scars of Tomorrow/Between The Buried And Me/Premonitions of War) [CD]
Biohazard-After Forever [Promo] [EP] [CD]
Biohazard-Kill Or Be Killed [CD]
Biohazard-Mata Leao [CD]
Biohazard-New World Disorder [CD]
Biohazard-State of The World Address [CD]
Biohazard-Switchback [Single] [CD]
Biohazard-Urban Discipline [Special Edition] [CD]
Biohazard-Urban Discipline [Cassette]
Biohazard-Urban Discipline [Vinyl]
Bitter End-Bitter End [EP] [Bandcamp Mp3]
Bitter End-Climate of Feat [Red/White Vinyl]
Blue Öyster Cult-Agents of Fortune [Vinyl]
Body Count-Bloodlust [CD]
Body Count-Body Count [Original Press With Cop Killer] [CD]
Body Count-Body Count [Reissue] [CD]
Body Count-Body Count [Reissue] [Cassette] (Autographed By Ice-T, Sean E Sean & Ill Will)
Body Count-Body Count [Reissue] [Vinyl]
Body Count-Born Dead [CD]
Body Count-Born Dead [Promo] [CD]
Body Count-Carnivore [Blue Vinyl]
Body Count-Gears of War [Single] [Itunes Mp3]
Body Count-Manslaughter [CD] (Autographed By The Whole Band 2017)
Body Count-Medley [Promo] [CD]
Body Count-Murder 4 Hire [CD]
Body Count-Necessary Evil [Promo] [EP] [CD]
Body Count-The Radio [EP] [CD]
Body Count-Violent Demise [CD]
Candy-Good To Feel [Vinyl]
Candy-Super Snare [Single] [Vinyl]
Code Orange-Bleeding In The Blur [Single] [Vinyl]
Code Orange-Forever [CD]
Code Orange-Grooming My Replacement/The Game [Single] [Amazon Mp3]
Code Orange-Underneath [CD]
Converge-Decibel Flexi Series: I Won't Let You Go [Single]
Converge-Pound For Pound: The Wolverine Blues Sessions [EP] [Bandcamp Mp3]
Crass-Best Before [CD]
Cypress Hill-III Temple of Boom [CD]
Cypress Hill-Bodyparts [EP] [CD]
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill [CD]
Cypress Hill-High Life [EP] [Vinyl]
Cypress Hill-Skull & Bones [CD]
Demon Hunter-Extremist [CD]
Demon Hunter-Storm The Gates of Hell [CD]
Demon Hunter-The Triptych [CD]
Demon Hunter-World Is A Thorn [CD]
Disfear-Live The Storm [CD]
Disfear-Misanthroptic Generation [CD]
The Distillers-Coral Fang [CD]
Dropdead-Decibel Flexi Series-Nothing Remains [Single]
Drugs of Faith-Decibel Flexi Series-Reanimation [Single] [Flexi]
Earth Crisis-Decibel Flexi Series: Smash Or Be Smashed [Single] [Flexi]
Earth Crisis-Forever True 1991-2001 [CD]
Enemy Soil-Casualties of Progress [CD]
Fawn Limbs-Decibel Flexi Series: Oleum [EP] [Flexi]
Folsom-Folsom [Amazon Mp3]
Folsom-Hammer Lane [Amazon Mp3]
Graf Orlock-Decibel Flexi Series EP [Flexi]
Guns N' Roses-Appetite For Destruction [CD]
Hatebreed-For The Lions [Best Buy Edition] [CD] [Autographed]
Hatebreed-Hatebreed [CD] [Autographed]
The Hellacopters-Decibel Flexi Series: If We All Ran Away [Single] [Flexi]
House of Pain-Fine Malt Lyrics [CD]
Ice Cube-Amerikkkas Most Wanted [CD]
Ice Cube-The Predator [CD]
Icepick-Icepick [2 Disc] [CD]
Ice-T-Gotta Lotta Love [Single] [Vinyl]
Ice-T-Home Invasion [CD]
Ice-T-The Iceberg (Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say) [CD]
Ice-T-The Iceberg (Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say) [Cassette]
Ice-T-The Iceberg (Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say) [Vinyl]
Ice-T Live In Montreux [DVD]
Ice-T-New Jack Hustler [Promo] [Cassette]
Ice-T-O.G. Original Gangster [CD]
Ice-T-Power [Vinyl]
Ice-T-Power [Cassette]
Ice-T-Rhyme Pays [Vinyl]
Ice-T-Ricochet [Single] [Cassette]
Ice-T-What Ya Wanna Do?/The Girl Tried To Kill Me [Single] [Promo Vinyl]
Jezter-Just Jokin' [EP] [Swamp Sound Green Cassette]
KEN Mode-Decibel Flexi Series: Fractures In Adults [Single] [Flexi]
Kinetic Orbital Strike-Kinetic Orbital Strike (Demo) [Bandcamp Mp3]
Killing Joke-Pandemonium [CD]
KISS-Alive [Vinyl]
KISS-Rock And Roll Over [Vinyl]
KMFDM-Adios [CD]
KMFDM-Agogo [CD]
KMFDM-Angst [CD]
KMFDM-Attak [CD]
KMFDM-Boots [EP] [CD]
KMFDM-Brimborum [CD]
KMFDM-Brute [EP] [CD]
KMFDM-Don't Blow Your Top [CD]
KMFDM-A Drug Against War [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Glory [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Godlike [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Hau Rock [CD]
KMFDM-Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away [EP] [CD]
KMFDM-Juke Joint Jezebel [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Juke Joint Jezebel (The Giorgio Morooer Remixes) [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Krank [CD]
KMFDM-Kunst [CD]
KMFDM-Light [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Money [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Naive Hell To Go [CD]
KMFDM-Nihil [CD]
KMFDM-Retro [CD]
KMFDM-Ruck Zuck [CD]
KMFDM-Rules [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Sin Sex & Salvation (Split KMFDM/Pig) [CD]
KMFDM-Split (KMFDM/My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) [CD]
KMFDM-Split/Piggy Bank [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Sucks [CD]
KMFDM-Symbols [CD]
KMFDM-Tohuvabohu [CD]
KMFDM-Virus [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-Vogue [Single] [CD]
KMFDM-What Do You Know Deutschland [CD]
KMFDM-Year of The Pig [EP] [Vinyl]
KMFDM-Xtort [CD]
Living In Fear-The Cowards Path Ends Here....[Bandcamp Mp3]
Luicidal-Luicidal [Itunes MP3]
Madball-Demonstrating My Style [Cassette]
Madball-Demonstrating My Style [CD]
Madball-Droppin' Many Suckers [CD]
Madball-Hold It Down [CD]
Madball-Legacy [CD]
Madball-Look My Way [CD]
Madball-Rebellion [EP] [7' Vinyl]
Madball-Set It Off [Cassette]
Magna Carta Cartel-Goodmorning Restrained [Vinyl]
Mass Worship-Spiritual Destitution [Single] [Bandcamp MP3]
Megaherz-Zombieland [CD]
The Misfits-American Psycho [Promo] [CD]
Monster Magnet-Decibel Flexi Series: Dopes To Infinity (Alternate Version) [Single] [Flexi]
Mourned-Devoured Humanity/Rift Ripper Compilation [CD]
Next Step Up-Intent To Kill [EP] [CD]
N.W.A-100 Miles And Running [EP] [CD]
N.W.A-efil4zaggin [CD]
N.W.A-Express Yourself [Single] [Vinyl]
N.W.A-Straight Outta Compton [CD]
N.W.A-Straight Outta Compton [Vinyl]
Portrayal of Guilt-Chamber of Misery Pt. III [Single] [Flexi]
The Prodigy-The Fat of The Land [CD]
Public Enemy-12 Inch Summer Sampler [EP] [Vinyl]
Public Enemy-Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Back [CD]
Public Enemy-Fear of A Black Planet [CD]
Public Enemy-Give It Up [Single] [Cassette]
Publicist UK-Decibel Flexi Series: Precious Things [Single] [Flexi]
Rammstein-Herzeleid [CD]
Rammstein-Liebe Ist Für Alle Da [CD]
Rammstein-Mutter [CD]
Rammstein-Reise Reise [CD]
Rammstein-Sehnsucht [CD]
Rammstein-Sonne [Single] [CD]
Roadrunner United-The Allstar Sessions [CD]
Roadrunner United-The Allstar Sessions Sampler [CD]
Rob Zombie-Educated Horses [CD]
Rob Zombie-Hellbilly Deluxe [CD]
Rob Zombie-The Sinister Urge [CD]
Rob Zombie-Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor [CD]
Royal Thunder-Decibel Flexi Series: Whispering Worlds (Acoustic Version) [Single] [Flexi]
Sick of It All-Based On A True Story [Vinyl]
Sick of It All-Blood, Sweat, And No Tears [CD]
Sick of It All-Call To Arms [CD]
Sick of It All-Relentless [Single] [CD]
Sick of It All-Wake The Sleeping Dragon! [CD]
Skitsystem-Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen [CD]
Skitsystem-Gra Varld/Svarta Tankar [CD]
Skitsystem-Stigmata [CD]
Subhumans-EP/LP [CD]
Subvision-The Killing Floor [EP] [Amazon Mp3]
Suicidal Tendencies-Friends And Family Vol 2 Split [Itunes Mp3]
System of A Down-Toxicity [CD]
Ted Nugent-Free For All [Vinyl]
Teenage Time Killers-Teenage Time Killers [CD]
Terror-Always The Hard Way [CD]
Terror-The Damned, The Shamed [CD]
Terror-Keepers of The Faith [CD]
Terror-Keepers of The Faith [Limited Edition] [White Vinyl]
Terror-Live By The Code [CD]
Terror-Lowest of The Low [CD]
Terror-Pain Into Power [Halloween Orange In Clear With Heavy Blue Jay Splatter Vinyl]
Terror-Rhythm Amongst The Chaos [EP] [CD]
Terror-Total Retaliation [CD]
Terror-Trapped In A World [Vinyl]
Terror-The Walls Will Fall [EP] [Clear With Bronze & Olive Green Splatter Vinyl]
Today Is The Day-Decibel Flexi Series: Parasite [Single] [Flexi]
Trappist-Decibel Flexi Series: Growler In The Yard [Single] [Flexi]
Under Attack-Decibel Flexi Series: Bastards Fucking Bastards [EP] [Flexi]
Various Artists-Armageddon Over Japan Vol. 1 [CD]
Various Artists-Century Media - Covering 20 Years of Extremes [CD]
Various Artists-Corporate Death - A Relapse Multi Death Compilation [Cassette]
Various Artists-Death ...Is Just The Beginning, Vol 4 [CD]
Various Artists-Death ...Is Just The Beginning, MMXVIII [Itunes Mp3]
Various Artists-Grind Here Right Now 2018 [Promo CD]
Various Artists-The Metal Forge Volume 3: A Tribute To Black Sabbath [CD]
Various Artists-Nativity In Black: A Tribute To Black Sabbath [CD]
Various Artists-The N.W.A. Legacy Volume 1: 1988-1998 [CD]
Various Artists-Obliteration Records 1993-2020 [CD]
Various Artists-The Seven Gates of Horror: A Tribute To Possessed [CD]
Various Artists-This Comp Kills Fascist Vol 1 [2 Vinyl's]
Various Artists-Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler 2022 [CD]
Various Artists-A Tribute To Judas Priest: Legends of Metal Vol. 1 [CD]
Walls of Jericho-With Devils Amongst Us All [CD]
Wolfbrigade-Comalive [CD]
Wolfbrigade-Progression/Regression [CD]
Wu Tang Clan-Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) [CD]
Wu Tang Clan-Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) [Vinyl]
Zao-Decibel Flexi Series: Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams [Single] [Flexi]