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black_slime's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Orc Grunt 
Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Favourite metal genre(s):
thrash, death, groove, stoner 

A student at a Academy Of Music in my city.
Creating logos for bands, for minimal payment.
Also like any type of real punk(hardcore, oi! etc.)
Listening to rock, punk and metal music since 1999
List of my top 11 favorite music genres(metal or non-metal)
(descending by relevance)
1. Thrash Metal(Crossover, Speed, Traditional, Technical)
2. Classical (as in Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc.)
3. Death Metal
4. Hardcore Punk
5. Groove Metal
6. Stoner Metal
7. Doom Metal ( All types)
8. Grindcore
9. Black Metal
10. Traditional Heavy Metal
11. Every other listenable genre (Power Metal, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Blues, Jazz etc.)

Top 11 Music Genres I don't like (from "not tolerable at all" to "I don't pay attention so it doesn't piss me off"):

1. Techno (any form)
2. Something called "Turbo Folk"; "Turbo Polka" and that shit
3. Any new gaycore shit that pops out in existence
4 Nintendocore
5 .Deathcore
6. Emo, Screamo and shit
7. Pop-Punk shitty gay faggoty things like Green Gay
8. "Nu-Metal"
9. Metalcore
10. Modern Melodic Death Metal
11. Industrial Metal

I grade albums by a simple system devised by, of course, me. It's really simple, 5 grades with maximum of 20% for each, thus adding it all up gives us 100%. So the grades are:
1. Drumming
2. Bass Line
3. Riffage
4. Vocals
5. Lyrics

As I said maximum score for each of the grades is 20% (0% meaning utterly idiotic, total wast of my time-20% pure masterpiece, innovative to the bone, hard as hell, etc. ). Of course there's the second part to my grading, and that's thinking of consistency of the genre the band is classified as, the emotion, motion and atmosphere a band creates with their music, compliant with the genre of course.

I try to be objective as much as possible.I don't favor everything that is considered metal, either by metal veterans or newbie kids, but I do listen to everything and give my honest opinion on every genre that I ever listened to, or will listen.

I used to have a show on the local radio, and reviewed a lot of albums in 2 years span, so mainly I write my reviews as I would present them to the listeners. Sadly the radio got shut down because of the bills and so on...

A thought on groove metal, since it's the, somewhat, most hated genre today, and my 3rd favorite of the metal genre:

Of course that many people that are over 25 years old( I think) or younger people who are influenced by the older ones don't like it or don't consider it metal, because when they were growing up there weren't any fusion genres, but really it's just a matter of taste. I favor thrash and death metal and hardcore punk over groove metal, so it's completely understandable that I like groove metal too because it's a combination of the best things from the 3 genres i stated earlier. For me groove metal, as a genre, gets an average 7,5 out of 10 grade.

A thought on considering something metal:

I consider metalcore metal, because it's, as it says, a combination of metal and hardcore punk, although It's too soft for my taste. I don't consider it non-metal, just annoying. I also consider power metal too soft for my taste, although I do like some bands, and gothic metal too melodic and soft, but I don't consider them as non-metal genres. So the point is, If something annoys you, you shouldn't judge it by your taste since nothing is strictly specified by your taste, but by some objective standards. I think that people often tend to have the "flock-o-sheep" effect. To be more clear I think that many people are pretty close-minded and their brain simply rejects opening to new ideas and experiences.
P.S. I don't consider rapcore, nintendocore and every other shit-core band that pops out on the scene, metal because I can't find any "metal standards" possible in them.

A thought on "breakdowns":

I really get annoyed by people who say "...deathcore suck because of the breakdowns...metalcore sucks because of the breakdowns...yap yap yap", because when they say "breakdown" it's like breakdowns never existed before and were invented by the new breed of metal scene. Those genres don't "suck" because of that, I don't think that any metal genre can "suck" just to be clear, and what the hell does that even mean? Like I said before It's just a matter of taste. But anyways, I get annoyed by those people because of their, either stupidity, disinformation or ignorace of the basic musical terms. A breakdown is a change in either tone, rhythm, atmosphere of the song, composition of the song or everything together. Simplified, even thrash metal has breakdowns, but they aren't so emphasized.

A thought on metalcore

It came to my understanding(some years ago) that some bands are considered metalcore (, even though they sound completely different than genre's representatives. So it came to a conclusion that metalcore as a genre splits itself into 2 distinctive genres. One's popularly called "Pink Metal" (or is it just in my city), the one with melodic guitars and mixing of growls, screams and cleans, and the other which is based on NYCxHC mixed with thrash metal sometimes called "Hardcore Metal". But since "Pink Metal" is widely considered as metalcore(bands like Caliban, As I Lay Dying, and so on) , I just continued to call bands like Hatebreed or Irate, plain NYC hardcore punk. So when I say that I don't like metalcore I'm referring to the "Pink Metal" bands.

I won't review albums, where I feel that my opinion is not needed. My "rank" may say that I'm a "Metal Newbie", but since I recently signed in for the first time to the metal archives, and never before, I guess that's how you must start on this site. Like it's a game or something. Completely ridiculous but OK I'll play along.

I'm simply appalled by the amount of shitty reviews I read on this particular site, and written by people who, with all due respects, think like a flock of sheeps. First of all I'm sickened by the amount of idiotic arguments in those reviews, secondly I get the constant impression that many metalheads forgot what metal the fuck was all about in it's basis, and thirdly many people post arguments which concern a musicians private life, thus making them look like just some Hollywood-superstar stupid fan occupied with what size of shoes his or hers favorite actor/actress wear. It's just plain wrong. Stick to the fucking music for pity's sake, not some bullshit someone stuffed in your head and you took on like it was your own "objective thinking". I won't go on the forum because the forums are the most idiotic things in existence, nothing good can come out of quarreling with some on it. I also don't want to post my e-mail address because, simply, I have a life, three jobs, studies, a little sister to take care of and a gf, and don't have time for your bullshit opinions on my reviews, which are at least 75% objective, compared to other reviews. It's just saddening to read all kinds of stupid and close-minded shit on Metallum, and it's even more saddening that the admins allow those kind of stupidity and non-objective thinking what so ever. What I mean is that you don't have to like it, and you can thrash it and bash it as much as you want, but keep it objective, argumentally strong and smart, otherwise keep it to yourself. Since this is totally pointless to argue about on the forum, I'll keep it on my profile as a "cautionary tale" of some sorts and my open opinion on this whole internet-hating.

"Respect my taste, because I respect yours...otherwise go fuck yourself and have a nice day."