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Metal newbie 
Full name:
Laura Barnes 
United Kingdom 

kinda new to this. wanna get into more genuine metal that isnt about making the executives richer, isnt racist, and fosters a great fan community. listened to the big bands for a long time (maiden, priest, you get the picture), but recently falling in love with bands like grand magus, panopticon and saor. 20 yr old woman. plz be nice.

Rating system:

100% - extremely rare. an album or song that isn't just flawless, but revolutionary. For context, there's only one piece of music that I would ever give 100% too, and that song is Dissident Aggressor by Judas Priest.

95% - Basically perfect. The album not only doesn't have any bad songs, but every song is enjoyable in its own right and worth a listen outside of the album. An album with a 95% rating only has one flaw, and that flaw is usually that there's slightly too many songs, and some fat trimming is required.

90% - A really great album in which every song is great, although admittedly the album may not be for everyone.

80% - excellent potential. The majority of the songs on the album are great, with the exception of a few unremarkable albeit listenable tracks.

70% - Great potential. The majority of the songs on the album are great, with the exception of a few total stinkers.

60% - Good songs just about outweigh bad songs, so its worth a listen.

50% - exactly that, about 50/50. A total hit or miss record.

40% - The bad outweighs the good, but the good is really fucking good.

30% - The vast majority of the album is bad, but there's still potential for future epicness. One or two fantastic songs.

20% - It's very bad. One or two good songs that you should absolutely check out.

10% - Oh lordy lordy lordy, is it bad. There's one or two good songs that are listenable.

0% - My tinnitus sounds better than this.