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aspiotis's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
George Aspiotis 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Traditional, Melodic Metal 

George Aspiotis was born in Athens in November 1973 and commenced his musical career at the age of 12 with classical piano lessons. In 1989 he performs for the first time as the keyboardist with the hard rock act STEELDONE and takes part at the preparation of their studio material for the next 2 years. In 1991 he starts his collaboration with NIGHTFALL which yields the release of 5 CD Albums* with the French Record Label HOLY RECORDS and some gigs (support to SLAYER, SAXON, PARADISE LOST, RAGE, BLIND GUARDIAN, MOTORHEAD etc). In 1993 he becomes a member of the “legendary” Greek group SPITFIRE and records over 18 studio tracks as promo material***. From 1994 to 2004 – having earned a huge fame in Greece as one of the “best metal groups of all times” – SPITFIRE tour the entire country giving numerous live performances to a dedicated audience that followed the band everywhere! In 1995 and 1996 they appear as the support act for IRON MAIDEN with great success. Simultaneously, George Aspiotis signs with BMG GREECE as a singer for the release of a pop-rock Album aiming at the Greek market. In 1997 at the Finnish Studio TICO TICO he records with NIGHTFALL the CD Album “Lesbian Show”, with which he concludes his collaboration with the band. From 2001 to 2005 he appears in the CD Albums των SNOWBLIND**, the band of his friend and associate MIKE GALIATSOS, for SLEAZY RIDER RECORDS. In 2005 he is asked to become a member of one of the most famous AOR bands of the 90s in Greece, RAWSILK. They perform as the support act for PINK CREAM 69 and JEFF SCOT SOTO with great success (SOLD OUT)!!!

In 2006 George Aspiotis decides to record his own material as a side project while being in RAWSILK. The result of this attempt was the creation of the Melodic Metal band KINGDRAGON. In November 2006 KINGDRAGON appear in front of the Athenian audience as the support act for GOTTHARD and they performed their first “hot” debut gig, receiving the best reports both from the audience as well as the media (METAL HAMMER, ROCK HARD, WEB ZINES, RADIOS ...) sending the message of what’s yet to come….!!!!! In August 2007, while finishing the recording of four (4) tracks out of 12, he decides together with guitarist ANASTASIS F., as well as the other band members to send to a record label the Promo PACK CD: “FIRE IN THE SKY”...

- - -

As Sound Engineer, Record Producer

George Aspiotis is a professional engineer/mixer/producer in rock music for independent artists and bands worldwide since 1999. He began recording/mixing his music at the young ages on Neve 8078, SSL 4000 consoles.Recently he has been awarded with a Golden Record Award (over 15.000 sales) for his mastering in the "Aliens" of Warlord (usa)


Since 2011, i run my own new recording studio in Greece. "Studio Aspiotis" located in Athens. It consists of four differently, well designed rooms (2 studio rooms + 1 booth + 1 control room), with specific acoustical study for each application. The control room (18sqm), is a room designed/constructed by Professional Acoustics, only for this purpose giving the real frequency response of your recordings! In-house co-producers specialized in high gain ... Heavy, Rock music.

My Discography:
Endorsements: Rode Mics, Cme Pro

Artists: - - - - -

Warlord (usa)
Nightfall (gre-swe)
Spitfire (gre)
Wild Rose (gre)
Sam Redman (gre)
Julia Crystal (bra)
Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Slavior - usa)
Kingdragon (gre)
Eso Chora (usa-gre)
Scarblade (gre-swe)
Decoy Paris (usa)
Erase (gre)
Sorrowful Winds (gre)
Beyond Our Galaxy (gre)

Labels: - - - - -

AOR Boulevard Records (usa)
Retrospect Records (usa)
Holy Records (fra)
Molon Lave Records (usa)
Sleazy Riders Records (gre)
No Remorse Records (gre)
BMG Greece (gre)
Ria Music (gre)
Alone Records (gre)

and more...