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Metal newbie 
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Aaron Miller 
United States 
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Death Metal 

Incantation would have to be my favorite blasphemous Death Metal band,if I had to pick just one...It's strange though,b/c I love guitar solos and they are virtually non-existent,but their doomy,twisted passages into the depths of hell and their blasphemous lyrics just make me smile...The Chasm would have to tie for the number one spot b/c I have never heard anything like them,I love Daniel's guitar solos,Antonio is a master of his drum kit,his ride cymbal to high-hat fills and his drum rolls are brilliant,and when Julio joined the mix,The Chasm was complete...The Chasm's music can be fast and aggressive,but also their music can be heartfelt and depressing,but while it spins into sorrow,the music still maintains raw power...Next up in my top 3 would have to be the only Black Metal band I listen to,Immortal! I think for now...the name Immortal says it all! I never could get into Black Metal,I hate high-pitched vokills and the keyboards are just cheesy in my opinion,but I gave Immortal a chance and it's one of the best chances I have ever given a band!