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How to change router’s WiFi password or SSID?
Altering the default router password is step one in securing your WiFi Group from burglars. Although the way of changing the router password varies from router manufacturers, the overall thought may be the equivalent so that you can go ahead and take steerage from the subsequent methods to acquire The easy principle.

Adjust WiFi Password:

Open a web browser and input the IP take care of within your router together with or
Login to the net-principally based mostly entirely completely admin interface using your username and password. Most routers Have a very default username of admin and password of admin/password.
Locate Wi-fi Options and navigate to your Wi-fi Stability Internet Website.

If no more previously, activate the “WPA/WPA2” defense choice, and throughout the Password area input the password of one's selection.
Now simply click Help you save to utilize the modifications.
As soon as the changes are accomplished your router will reboot mechanically and your WiFi gets disconnected. Use the modern-working day WiFi password as distinctive to re-hook up with the community.