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Your body is constantly producing insulin to drive sugar into your cells for energy. This is the way your cells keep you going. When you eat food, some of it is converted into glucose, and this is how you get your energy. However, when there is an imbalance between insulin and glucose production, the body is no longer able to balance these levels, and this leads to hypoglycemia.

To prevent hypoglycemia, the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels is extremely important. You should eat small, frequent meals during the day. You should not overeat, and you should eat several smaller portions throughout the day. You should monitor your blood sugar levels frequently, and you should take some type of insulin if you are eating very little in between meals.

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can be particularly challenging when you have been experiencing chronic medical problems or are taking medications that can affect them. Many diabetes medications, especially ones containing insulin, cause blood sugar levels to drop. If you have been prescribed insulin and are on diabetic medicine, you should make sure that you keep track of your levels with a blood sugar monitor. If you do not monitor your levels regularly, they can drop too low and result in hypoglycemia.