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Metal newbie 
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Alex Auslander 
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death and groove 

a non-wussy, non-emotional horror poem which i wrote, though i cannot guarantee anyone will see it:


When I was but a boy
On the verge of being a man
I got in a spat with my father
And stormed off of my parent’s land

How childish it is
For one to run away
But I wanted my father
To feel my hate

So I vowed
Never to return
If I should go back on this
Then my soul must burn

So I journeyed And hitchhiked
Across the country where I lived
From the deserts of akephon
To the valley of zin

Nonetheless I found nowhere to stay
When I had nothing left TO barter
I crawled in a deep hollow
To starve out the rest of my days

I had nearly fallen asleep the first night
When something tugged at my shirt
This motion startled me awake

When my eyes were fully open
And I could see what was before me
My mouth gaped wide and silent, I had naught to say

For the being which faced me
Had a face of torn cloth
Its body, a cloak of deepest black

It told me I was in
The hollow of souls
And there was no going back

What was the place I asked?
“’tis a place where lost souls collect”
Am I a lost soul then? I asked
“yes, bet the raised hair on yon neck”

This must be a joke, I said
You’re just a man in a mask
But when I tugged at the torn cloth
I reeled back and gasped

For when the cloth was removed
The creature simply collapsed
And a terrible spectre raged through the air

More masked ghostly things encroached upon me
Brandishing hatchets of bone
I thought myself in a horrible nightmare

And suddenly I awoke
To find myself still in the hollow
Standing over me was my father
Who, the whole time had followed

He offered a loving hand
To help me up
I took it, happy to see him

But suddenly, I felt a burning
Deep in the pit of my chest
Like I had committed a terrible sin

My father morphed before me
Into a hideous cloth creature
Who immolated my very soul

Now I spend my eternities
Raging through the air as a spectre
In the hollow of souls