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albumposting's profile

Metal freak 
Email address:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Dissodeath, Hardcore, Slam 

They rest on the coast and the tide is impending.
We pull at the motionless and the static,
but the torrent has crowned their heads
it fills their ears and makes them ill,
They do not struggle anymore.

Metal freak as of January 18, 2018.

Unlisted releases I've acquired:
RED - Of Beauty and Rage (CD, Essential Records, 2015)
Emery - Revival: Emery Classics Reimagined (CD, BC Music, 2017)
James Bay - Chaos and the Calm (12" LP, Republic Records, 2015)
Luti-Kriss - Throwing Myself (CD, Solid State Records, 2001)
Norma Jean - Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (CD, Solid State Records, 2002)
Norma Jean - O' God, the Aftermath (CD, Solid State Records, 2005)
Copeland - Blushing (CD, Tooth & Nail Records, 2019)
WHITEPHOSPHOROUS - The Vault of Heaven (CD, Throne of Bael Records, 2018)
WHITEPHOSPHOROUS - Inaugural Address (CD, Independent)
Off Camber/Between Your Mind and Tongue (7" EP, Machinefabriek, 118/300, 2013)
Gillian Carter - This Earth Shaped Tomb (Cassette, Moment of Collapse Records, 2018)
Fawn Limbs - Harm Remissions (CD, Dark Trail Records, 2019)
Arms/Seizures (7" EP, Dark Trail Records, 2018)
KEN mode - Entrench (Double 12" LP, Season of Mist, 2013)
Godseyes - Safe House (CD and cassette, Independent, 2019)