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The names have been changed.

Part One

The first time I saw Courtney she was walking up to my car in mid summer. She politely asked me which direction I was headed and when I told her she asked for a ride. Since her destination was not far from mine, I agreed. I admit I was a bit hesitant because she appeared so young, but I saw no harm in giving a kid a lift so off we went. She was not going far so we had little chance to talk, but she did tell me that she was sixteen and working part time cleaning houses. I thought nothing of it as many teenagers take part time jobs in the summer.

Courtney was cute, with very dark, curly red hair..almost brown (unless one looked close). A lightly freckled face and a nice, although a tiny bit chubby body. Like many teens these days her clothes were very baggy, but when she moved one could see she had nice curves.

I dropped her where she wanted to go and although she showed up a number of times throughout the summer and early fall asking for rides and occasionally staying in my guest room, I truly thought little about her until one evening when she showed up at my door once again. She looked a bit ragged and (truth to tell) she smelled a bit. She asked if I would drive her to a nearby town to stay with some of her friends, but, since I had had several beers, I saddly had to decline. Earlier in life, I had gotten arrested and convicted for DUI and I was not about to let it happen again. I told Courtney that she was welcome to spend the night in my guest room once again. She seemed reluctant, but eventually agreed.

She asked if I minded if she took a shower and I jokingly asked if she wanted to share one with me. To my utter shock she smiled and said "sure. Why not?" On impulse I took her sweet face in my hands and kissed her full on the mouth. She responded by slipping her tongue between my lips and teasing my mouth. I gave her the same and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity...hands exploring each other and lips locked together as if the world would come to an end if we stopped.

After several mintues of tongue lashing each other, I took Courtney by the hand and led her to my bed. She seemed a bit reluctant, but after a few more kisses she opened up a bit and asked "just what are we doing?" I responded "what do you want to do?"

She bit her lip, pouted for a moment and said "I want to make love with you, but I'm scared". I asked "what are you scared of, Court?" She responded that she had never actually made love before. To tell the truth, that scared me a bit as well. I decided to go back to the shower idea. (she was lovely, but she had spent several days without a shower and needed one. To tell the truth, so did I).
I led Courtney to the bathroom, found her a big fluffly towel and started the shower for us. She looked at me with her beautiful green eyes and said, "I'm really embarassed to undress in front of much as I want you, this is tough for me".

"I feel the same way. Courtney. I am three times your age and this is legally wrong."

" I don't care about that. I want to do this with you. I'm just scared that you will be unhappy about the way I look or that I will do something wrong and you won't like me anymore."

"Not any chance of that, Court. I've always thought you were beautiful and there is no way that you will do anything wrong. I've been around this block before and I can help you learn if that's what you want to do."

"Would you like to undress me?" she asked timidly. "Court, I would be honored" I replied.

I really didn't know what to think as I reached for the hem of her T-shirt. I gently pulled it over her shoulders to reveal a white bra that barely contained her young. soft looking tits. They were not large by any standard, but they were full. Even encased in her bra, her nipples were prominant. Full and lush. Her skin was pale and seemed almost transparent. I had never seen a girl like her before, and have not seen one since. I reached behind her back and unfastened her bra and gently pulled it away from her breasts. They bounced lightly as the fabric of her bra was removed then stood up smartly on Courtney's chest. I must have let out a gasp because Courtney smiled and took my face into her hands and said "you like?"

" They're....YOU'RE lovely". I replied. "May I...?" I asked reaching tenatively toward her. "Please" she said closing her eyes and extending her arms toward me.

I gently touched and cupped each full breast in both of my hands. Her response was instantaneous. She gasped for a breath and her breasts trembled under my gentle touch. I felt her nipples respond at once, growing firm and turning more dark in her new found excitement.

"I've never had them touched before. In fact, you are the first guy to ever see them. Do you really think they're nice?"

"They're perfect, Courtney" I told her. It was true. As I said earlier, they were not huge, but perfectly rounded, soft yet firm and creamy colored topped with flawlessly rounded nipples. I felt as if I could die a happy man if my last act was to hold and caress these beautiful orbs. But since I had no plans to die right then, I lowered my face to her young chest and lovingly took her left nipple gently between my lips and started to lightly suck on it. I thought her knees were going to fail her as she slumped in my arms and pressed her breast more deeply into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider in an effort to get her entire tit into it, but try as I might, I couldn't get more than about half the glorious thing in.

Courtney was moaning softly as she turned slightly and pressed her right breast into my mouth for the same treatment her other breast had gotten. Not being one to dissappoint, I took the offered thing of beauty between my lips and proceded to love it like I had the other. Courtney's hands were in my hair as I took turns fondling and kissing her lovely tits. After a few wonderful minutes I felt a tug on my T shirt as Courtney began to pull it over my chest. I stopped long enough to raise my arms and allow her to remove the shirt, then stood in front of her and took her once again into my arms. The feel of her firm mounds on my bare skin was electric and I felt a new more powerful stirring in my jeans. She must have felt it as well for she at first shied away then moaned and pressed fully against me.

We had both kicked off our shoes before heading upstairs, so Courtney now stood before me in her jeans and socks. I slowly dropped to my knees in front of her and unfastened and unzipped her jeans and gently slid them down her young legs. I had never seen Courtney's legs before as she always wore jeans or sweats (three sizes to big as is the fashion with young people these days for some unknown reason) and I was pleasantly surprised at how shapely her legs were. Her thighs were pale from lack of sun, but that didn't detract from their beauty. As I lowered her jeans past her knees, I noticed the tiny pale blue thong she was wearing and I nearly lost my breath. Auburn curls were visible around the tiny triangle that barely covered her mound. Before getting her to step out of her jeans, I leaned closer and caught her warm spicy scent. I just couldn't resist a quick kiss on the front of her thong. She jerked in surprise at the touch of my lips on her tiny garment and I heard a little hiss come from her mouth. I looked up to see her smiling down at me. It was the most wonderful sight I can ever remember.

I gave her lower leg a little upward tug to indicate that she should raise her foot out of her jeans. As she did so I quickly slipped off her sock then proceeded to do the same with her other foot. I tossed her jeans on top of our two T shirts on the floor and returned my gaze to the thinly covered patch of heaven before my eyes. As I had finished pulling her jeans off, Courtney's hands had crept down to cover the front of her thong. "Are you OK?" I asked. "Just a bit embarrased" she replied. I don't shave 'down there'". "Good", I said with a smile. "A girl is supposed to have hair there. I think it's even sexier than being shaved".

"Really?" she said. "Really!" I responded and quickly hooked my fingers in the tiny straps on the sides of her thong and pulled them swiftly off her shapely legs. She let out a little squeal and her hands again flew down to cover herself. I gently took each of her wrists in my hands and pulled them to her sides, gave a quick kiss into her thick auburn bush and then stood in front of her. Without a word her hands went to my belt, fastener and zipper in quick order and I felt my jeans sliding down. I could feel Courtney's hands shaking as she touched my ankle the same way I had touched hers indicating that I should step out of my pants. I did as she had silently requested and one by one felt my own socks being removed. I looked down at the lovely young woman on her knees before me and couldn't resist a smile. I felt a tiny, trembling hand come to the front of my boxers as Courtney touched my cock for the first time through my clothes. I was in paradise. She looked up at me and said, "am I doing this right? I really don't know what to do". "Let's get our shower and then we'll go through everything you want to learn just as gently as we can" I said. She smiled and practically janked my boxers to the floor, my just above average cock jumping out to greet her. She reached and touched it gently as I lowered my hands to help her back to her feet. She was still trembling as I held her close once again, her firm breasts pressed against my chest and my stiffening cock pushing against her soft belly.

With the two of us now totally naked, I opened the shower door and led Courtney inside. The water cascading over her lovely body was intoxicating. I took a wash cloth and soaped it up, working up a good lather then proceeded to wash the young girl from top to toe. I paid special attention to her beautiful breasts and lush pussy, but tried not to be too eager. I wanted to excite, not scare her by being too aggressive. Finishing by gently shampooing her curly auburn hair, I stood her full in the stream and rinsed her completely. She looked at me shyly and said "thank you. That is the first time I have been given a bath since I was a child. And I never thought there could be a man so thoughtful as to wash my hair for me. That was really sweet". I thought to myself,"you ARE a child and how can I be doing what I'm doing and thinking what I'm thinking". She silenced that thought by taking the cloth from me and repeating the process I had just performed for her. When she got to my cock and balls, I noticed she washed it a bit slower than the rest of my body. I also noticed that she was using her bare hands instead of the cloth. I nearly came from the sensation, but managed to get my self under control in time. Fortunately, she decided I was clean enough and stood once again in front of me. Dripping wet with the shower spraying over us, we embraced again. The effect was incredible. I had to let her go after a quick kiss in order to keep the building urge in my balls for making too many choices for me.

We stepped from the shower stall and I took the towel I had gotten for Courtney and gently dried her body. I found another towel and wrapped in around her wet hair. She took my towel from the rack and quickly dried me off. I have thinning hair so it wasn't necessary to do more than a few quick rubs with the towel to get it reasonably dry. She asked if I minded if she did a bit of primping before we moved on. I told her "you are drop dead gorgeous just the way you are". She replied, "this is going to be special for me and I want everything to be special for you, too". I reluctantly left the bathroom after showing her where she could find a blow dryer, brushes and combs and anything else she might want or need to get ready. I walked into the bedroom, sat naked on the edge of the bed and waited for her. All the time I am thinking that there is a sixteen year old naked girl in my bathroom just ten feet away and she is getting ready to come in here and get fucked for the first time in her life. I shuttered with the thought of simply fucking Courtney. In fact, I knew I could never do that. I cared too much about her to just use her. No...she had said she wanted to make love with me and just what we were going to do.

Part Two

It was only a few minutes but it felt like an eternity before I heard the bathroom door open and saw Courtney step into the bedroom. Her hair was dried and brushed to a sheen and she had the fluffy towel I had gotten for her wrapped around her waist leaving her pretty tits bare and standing proudly. Her smile was a bit shy and embarrassed, but enchanting as she crossed the room to where I waited naked on the bed. I caught a brief whiff of perfume and realized that she must have found an abandoned bottle from a former girlfriend in the medicine cabinet. She walked up to me and took my head into her hands and placed her pretty tit into my mouth. I gently licked and sucked first one then the other nipple into attention then pulled her face down to mine so that I could share another deep kiss with her. I reached to Courtney's waist and slowly removed the towel wrapped around her. She shuttered a bit at the thought of being completely naked once again in front of me, but she sighed and sat beside me on the bed. I placed my arm lovingly around her shoulders and asked "Court, are you really sure?" Her response surprised me. She said " From the moment I first saw you something stirred in me....something I've never felt before, and it just won't go away". "What do you mean?" I inquired. She said, "a warmth....a sort of heat...deep within me. I guess you are the first guy to make me horny. I just knew...that I wanted you to be my first". "I'm pleased that you feel that way, Courtney. I will be honored if that is what you truly want". "It is" she replied.

We leaned into each other and kissed deeply once again. I cupped my left hand gently around Courtney's right breast and kneaded it slowly. A soft moan escaped her lips as she reached into my lap and gingerly and tentatively touched my quickly stiffening cock. She looked plaintively into my eyes and asked in a whispered voice "teach me how". I told her "wrap you fingers around it and gently slide the skin up and down. That's what I like". "OK" she said and did exactly as I directed. The sensation was unbelieveable as her small soft hands worked around my cock. I have been with many girls, but not one made me feel what I was feeling with Courtney. I knew in my heart that this was a truly special moment....not just because it was her first time, but because it was a life changing time for the two of us. The thought that I was breaking both moral and social law by having sex with a minor had left my mind the moment she had first touched my cock from the outside of my boxers. I was not so stupid that I was thinking with the wrong head. I was falling in love with the perfect girl. All I could think of at that moment was treating her gently and making this an experience that she would treasure for the rest of her life. For her part, she was trusting me to give her something she had never had before and I wanted to please her to the utmost.

We sat for several minutes like caressing her breasts and her stroking my cock. Truth to tell, I could have spent my life sitting on the side of my bed with her just like that. I looked down and noticed a bead of pre-cum at the end of my cock. Courtney noticed it as well for she asked "did I make you do that? What is it anyway?" I explained to her that both guy's and girl's bodies help provide lubrication for each other. She looked at me with a funny expression and said "I want to learn about sex from you...and I want us to do everything we can with each other, but you don't have to give me a classroom lecture!" She quickly laughed and stroked me faster as if to let me know that she was only joking, but she HAD said she wanted to learn. I wanted to teach her the facts. I guess I was too clinical, though, so I decided to be more up front with her and perhaps a bit more earthy in my descriptions.

I decided to get a bit bolder and looked into her eyes as we next kissed. "Courtney, did you like it when I kissed your pussy hair?" She blushed at once but said she had. I told her "I'd like to do that again, but this time, I want to REALLY kiss you down there". "EWWW" she said. I replied, "Why do you say that?". "Because...girls smell nasty. I want to make you happy...not make you puke". "I assure you, Court, I am not going to puke. In fact, I think you smell wonderful. Remember, I had my face in your pussy even before you had your shower. You smelled great then and I am sure you smell great now. Keep in mind that guys and girls interpret sights, smells and sounds differently. You think girls smell bad....I think you smell great. Just so you know, if you will let me, I plan to not only kiss your hair, but I want to kiss and lick you all over your pretty pussy.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" she asked. "Yes, sweetheart, I do" "But I don't understand why you would want to" Courtney exclaimed. "Because", I responded, "if I do it right, it will make you feel wonderful, and that is what I want most of all.

I saw a tear form in the corner of Courtney's right eye as she smiled at me. "I just thought that guys wanted to get off with girls. Not make them feel good." I replied, "A good man that truly cares about the girl he's with does all he can to please HER before thinking about his own needs."

Now the tears were flowing freely from Courtney's sweet eyes. I reached up to her face with my fingers to brush the tears away, then thought better of it and lifted my lips to her cheeks and kissed the tears off her pretty face. Her smile was so disarming and the proximity of her naked body to mine was getting to be too much. I gently moved us both onto the bed so that she would be comfortable and kissed her gently feeling her tongue slip between my lips in a delicious way. I looked into her eyes as she looked expectantly into mine and began to kiss my way down her lovely body. From our earlier explorations I knew that her neck and ears were very sensitive, so I concentrated on them first. The little nibbles and kisses earned me a soft moan and an even softer speaking of my name. I proceeded down her sweet body until I reached her wonderful firm tits. I gave each of them all the attention they deserved before moving lower.Courtney's body was shaking as I reached her navel. As I slipped my tongue into the little crevice, I got bold and gently slipped my hand between her slightly parted legs for the first time. She gasped loudly as my hand made contact with her virgin pussy, but at the same time her legs shot apart. I felt one of her hands on top of mine as I slowly and gently carressed her. Her other hand encircled my cock. Almost too roughly she began to pull my foreskin up and back. The feeling was incredible.

I glanced back to Courtney's face, but her eyes were closed. She was pumping my cock like there was no tomorrow and I had found a very wet pussy with my fingers. I really wanted to just dive right in and eat her, but I wanted to make this special for her as well as give her all the sensations I could. I wanted this girl to be truly pleased. I was beyond falling in love...I WAS in love.

I gently placed my hands on Courtney's creamy thighs as I lowered my face to her thick bush. I know that animals can recognize each other by scent, but I never thought that humans could. I was proven wrong. I caught the same spicy scent from Courtney's pussy that I had smelled earlier. It was her unique smell and I will never forget it. I planted soft kisses on her mound before moving slowly to the soft folds of flesh concealed beneath her auburn curls. She moaned loudly as my lips made contact with her pussy lips for the first time. To my delight, she screamed my name as my tongue first touched her clit. Her sweet hips lifted completely off the bed as she orgasmed almost at once.

She looked wild eyed down at me and asked "What just happened? I thought I was gonna explode or something?" "Court, have you never felt that before?" "No" she said. "You've never had an orgasm before?" I said. "Girls don't cum" was her response. "Oh Court, yes they just did!". "Did I? That was fantastic. Can you make me do it again?" "Sweet Courtney, I will do everything I can to make you cum as often as you want".

"Can a girl cum when she's.......fucking?" "Yes, Court, But I will never, EVER fuck you". Her frown upset me a bit and she said, a bit subdued, "I thought that was what we were going to do...".

""Courtney, if you remember, you said you wanted to make love with me and I want to make love with you. The first thing you must know is that there is a difference between making love and fucking. You can fuck anyone anytime. You make love with the person YOU love. She gasped, "Are you saying.....oh my God!" Her eyes filled with tears again. "Yes Court, I love you" I said. "I know it's wrong to be with someone as young as you". " I told you before I don't care about that!" she exclaimed". " I love you too...I have from the first time we met. I don't know why and I don't care. I just know that you are the one I want to be with and I am done talking. Just tell me or show me what to do so that we can make love.

"I love the way you stroke my cock. Do you like what I've done to you so far?" "Oh God yes" She exclaimed. "what can we do next?" "This is all up to you, Court. If you liked the way I touched you with my mouth, I think you should know that I would like you to do the same". Courtney looked a bit crestfallen as she said to me "I saw a girl in a video once with a guys cock in her mouth. She didn't look too happy". "What was the guy doing?" I asked. "He was holding her head really hard and it looked like he was shoving it down her throat" she said. "Courtney", I said "if you decide you want to give me oral sex the way I did for you, I would NEVER force you. It has to be something that YOU want to do. "Does it feel as good to a guy as it just felt to me" she asked. "It feels great, Court, but it's not the best feeling". She smiled and lay down next to me still stroking my cock gently. I saw her pretty freckled face vanish beneath her auburn hair as she turned her face toward my hard cock. A moment later I felt her soft lips wrap around my cock in a loving kiss. She tried to take it all the way down in one swift thrust, but gagged and pulled her mouth off of me. I told her that she didn't have to swallow it, just suck as much as was comfortable for her. This is all about her, I reassured her. She smiled up at me with my cock in her hand and I have never felt so loved.

She sucked slowly and gently for some time before she stopped and looked up at me. "I'm ready" she said matter of factly."Big step Court. Are you really sure?" "I've never been more sure of anything. Please....." "OK Baby. Lay back and relax as much as you can. I'm going to be as gentle as possible. I want this to be good for you, but I have to be may hurt you a bit at first". "I know. I've talked to other girls, but they all say that after the pain goes away, it's the most wonderful feeling ever."

Courtney lay back and spread her legs wide for me. I gave her one more wet lick on her pussy in order to get her as wet as possible. I truly wanted her to enjoy this. I positioned myself on my knees between her beautiful legs and placed the head of my cock against her pussy. I decided to tease her just a bit more in the hope that it would help her relax so I rubbed my cock up and down her slit a few times concentrating on her clit. She jerked a few times as a small orgasm hit her, then she looked at me with the most pleading look I have ever seen. I leaned down and kissed her softly and moved forward just the slightest bit. She gasped as the head of my cock slipped between her lips and then she seemed to relax a bit more. I looked into her eyes and saw the look of want in them, but I knew that this girl was a virgin and I loved her. I was not thinking of my own wants and desires at that momont....only of her.

I pushed forward slowly and gently and felt the slippery tightness of Courtney's pussy snug up around me. Her eyes were open and wide and her mouth was wide open as well. It was if a silent moan was escaping her. I felt the muscles of her pussy tighten around me as I slid in deeper and about halfway, I encountered her hymen. This was important. I asked her "Courtney, you can only do this once." She answered me by driving her hips downward onto my cock. Tears fell from her eyes as the pain hit her. I lay still on top of her, taking my weight on my arms and knees. Still not moving, I kissed Courtney softly and lovingly and asked how she felt. She said "just lay still for a few minutes and I'll be fine. I love you". "I love you Court".

I truly don't know how long I lay there with my hard cock inside my virgin lover, not daring to move a muscle for fear of hurting her worse than I already had by breaking her hymen. I just knew that I had to remain still until she signaled me to do otherwise. I loved Courtney and would do whatever she wanted....even if she told me to stop. After a short time I felt Courtney's legs move up around my thighs. I finally looked at her sweet face and saw the most wonderful smile I will ever remember. She kissed me deeply and said "My friends were right...this is the best feeling ever. But they will never know how wonderful it is to love the first guy you're with". I felt tears coming to my own eyes as I stroked her gently. I felt her young body responding as she raised her hips from the bed to meet my gentle thrusts. After just a few moments we were moving as if we had been doing this together for years. Our lips met for the hundredth time that day and suddenly Courtney's eyes shot open. I thought for a moment that I had hurt her somehow, but when her eyes rolled back and her breathing quickened, I knew she was close. So was I. Her silky pussy was like a velvet vise on my hard cock and I couldn't take much matter how much I loved her, Courtney was going to get a cumshot deep inside of her wonderful pussy..and damned soon!

I had been 'fixed' since the birth of my youngest some fourteen years before (damn, I thought...only two years younger than the girl I have my cock buried in at this very moment). Courtney didn't seem to care as she bucked wildly beneath me, moaning my name and holding me tight with her arms and legs. Letting all cares and worries go out the window, I held her tightly, locked my lips to hers and felt my balls explode inside of her. I vaguely saw her eyes shoot open as she came herself. Her mouth never left mine as we both orgasmed like never before.

As our lips slowly parted, hers broke into to the sweetest smile and from the far reaches of my own bliss I heard her soft voice saying "thank you". "No," I replied. "Thank you. Courtney'. "I love you" she said. I always will. "I love you Courtney' I replied.

We snuggled into each others arms as I softened and slipped from her tight pussy and fell asleep content with what we had done and firmly in love.

We are still together and will be for life.

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