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Zorn_Des_Lammes's profile

Metal newbie 
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Anthony Guerra 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Progressive (Mixed, not pure) 

Simply put, I am a common human being. The same type of decomposing organic matter in which inhabit the small planet of Earth for a few instances before fading out into oblivion.

But in order to sound somewhat different, as that is what we like to do within our species to give our life some meaning, I shall elaborate on the details of my idiosyncratic personality. An individualist, free-thinking is my game as I draw from a myriad of ideas and experiences that fuel my overall outlook on things. I have and still continue to progress from the many phases and events that take place in this world, learning from mistakes as well as improving myself overall.

I'm somewhat erratic in thoughts and interests as opposed to your usual "normal" person who only live to benefit the collective/idealistic interests of their materialistic, religious, and moralistic societies. Ergo, I tend to have anti-social tendencies due to my differences and apathy in a great many things. Further information about myself can be read via myspace.