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Yo. I'm Zelkiiro, if you haven't noticed yet somehow. This is where I post my arbitrary Album Review Grading Scale, and it goes a little something like this:

100% - This album doesn't exist. Not even my absolute favorite albums have earned this ranking, and thus this score is impossible for me to give out.

90-99% - This album's pretty goddamn amazing. If there are any faults to be found, they are incredibly minor, or they're so vastly overshadowed by everything else that they don't matter.

80-89% - This album's great! Sure, there's a problem track here and there, or maybe there's a glaring flaw that keeps it down, but in the end, this was an album that was well-worth listening to.

70-79% - This album's pretty cool. Maybe not the greatest thing in the world, but it certainly has enough quality material to make it worth a listen or two.

60-69% - This album's alright, I guess. Either the entire thing is middling-to-okay, or it's a mediocre slog punctuated by a handful of excellent tracks.

50-59% - This album has its moments, I suppose, but for the most part, I gained absolutely nothing listening to this. Mediocrity is the worst.

30-49% - Wait, scratch that, nope--being legitimately bad is still worse. There might be a nice song or two waiting to be found, but this album just sucks. Not worth my time.

10-29% - You've gotta be kidding me with this shit. This album has basically nothing to offer, and I just want the time that this trash stole from me back.

0-9% - Jesus Christ! Kill it with fire!