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ZEROMETAL's profile

Mallcore kid 
United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, death, power 

~~ Black metal + associated sub-genres/styles, in particular symphonic, atmospheric and ambient.

~~ 'Modern' death metal.

I'm particularly a fan of metal music from the Far East, especially artists who combine traditional music into their tracks. Yes, metal really does exist in the Far East.

Recommending some favourite artists for those not familiar with Far East metal:

For traditional Chinese melodies and instruments - The Last Successor (heavy/progressive metal) / Chthonic (melodic BM)

For nature or flora/fauna sounds - Zuriaake (atmospheric/ambient BM)

For tribal/folk/throat-singing - Tengger Cavalry (BM) / Voodoo Kungfu (BM)

For wall-of-noise - Arkha Sva (BM) / Midwinter (BM) / E.D.I.E.H. (BM/ambient)

For ambient - Darkness Over Depth (BM/dark metal)

For space/avant-garde sounds - Varuna (BM)

For thrash with crazy vocal - Explosicum (thrash)

For strong melodies - Frosty Eve (DM) / Terminal Lost (BM/blackened metal)

For heavy metal - Anthem / Tang Dynasty

For power metal - The Barque of Dante / Galneryus

---Those are a few I listen to. Any comments / recommendation requests or offers, you can drop me a message!