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Xlxlx's profile

Full name:
Martin Nicolas Aguilar 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Heavy/power metal 

Oi, Xlxlx here. I live very much near the ass of the world, but I don't let that keep me down (except for the occasional raids by ravenous Penguin Men, that is. THEY TOOK MY FAMILY). Metal makes up around 90% of my listening habits, and I enjoy a little bit of everything, although classic heavy and power are definitely big favourites. USPM FO' LIFE!

I also write reviews so, if for some bizarre reason, you'd like to know my opinion about something, be it masterful, mediocre, or malodorous, feel free to send me a PM with a request.

100: Worthy of Valhalla.
90-99: Sits on a throne of gold and skulls.
80-89: Famed champion, dauntless and mighty.
70-79: Chipped armour, a few broken bones, respectable nonetheless.
60-69: Foot soldier. Well trained, yet inconsequential.
50-59: Deserter. Sound of body and mind, but ignominious.
40-49: Shell-shocked. Unlikely to recover.
30-39: Retired. Wounds too grievous to continue fighting.
20-29: Loss of an extremity or two. Also blind and/or deaf.
10-19: Limbless torso. Screams incoherently in the night.
1-9: Artillery strike victim.
0: Deserving artillery strike victim.