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Ximera's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Natan Levin 
Favourite metal genre(s):
power, prog, heavy & thrash 

yellow there people :)

I'vw been listening to metal for about three years, i started from metallica, iron maiden, helloween, you know... the more famous bands...

Then, i got intruduced to power metal, yes, sonata arctica, nightwish, after forever, hammerfall, blind guardian etc... and i listen to it till this day, power metal rocks! i just love this genre!

Later, i started listening to prog, sympony x, dream theater, evegray, orphand land... and they are great! i am a great fan of symphony, their latest CD was awsome!

Lately, some friends of mine told me to listen to death, so i listened to ancient rites, amon amarth, in flames, salem (isr)... but i didnt like it very much... in flames are good (clayman is really good!), and salem are okey( a moment of silence is a really good album), but i just hate that they sound like dogs barking... and they are so... i dunno... they dont do me a shit... i dont have shiver when i listen to them or something... they are boring...

oh, i forgot,,, i also listen to aria! a great russian band! they do heavy metal, and they are really good (at least they were...)