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Xeroxification's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Xerox the Xerox Man 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Thrash 

My album rating system:

100% ~ Perfect: A flawless album in every way. Every aspect is perfect, it grabs you, has no repetition, makes you want to relisten again and again. Buy this album.

90%-99% ~ Exceptional: A great album that you cannot miss. There may be a flaw or two, but overall, is an excellent album. Buy this album.

80%-89% ~ Great: A very good album, not perfect by any means, but definitely stands above the others. Buy this album.

70%-79% ~ Good: A good album, stands above the rest of the pack, yet doesn't fully meet it's potential. Buy this album.

60%-69% ~ Average: Nothing special, it may have good ideas and may be original, but doesn't execute them well enough to stand out. Buy some of the tracks off this album.

50%-59% ~ Below Average: Doesn't quite have what it takes to really be enjoyable, but there are some good ideas, if you're willing to take the good with the bad. Buy an individual track or two.

40%-49% ~ Bad: While some things may work well, the majority of it is unenjoyable. Buy a track, or download.

30%-39% ~ Really Bad: If there's anything good here, it's buried beneath bad riffs and poor execution. Buy at your own risk, or download.

20%-29% ~ Terrible: This album is so insufficient in execution that any enjoyment would be derived in very small quantities, if at all. Download.

10%-19% ~ Failure On All Fronts: A disgrace to the metal genre. Download at your own risk.

0%-9% ~ Feces: "Music" with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Spare your ears the agony.