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United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):

~ Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction - 100%
~ Tyrant - Too Late Too Pray - 99%
~ Satan - Court in the Act - 99%

Some favorites:
Agent Steel, Angus, Artillery, Blind Fury, Blind Guardian, Cauldron Born, Cloven Hoof, Coroner, Crescent Shield, Crimson Glory, Cyperus, Dark Age, Deathrow, Defender, Destructor, Deadly Blessing, Enchanter, Fates Warning, Fatal Violence, Flots & Jets, Glacier, Griffin, Heathen, Heir Apparent, Helstar, Holy Terror, Jag Panzer, Lethal, Liege Lord, Lords of the Crimson Alliance, Manilla Road, Matthias Steele, Medieval Steel, Metal Chruch, Myst Dysto, Omen, Onslaught, Original Sin, Pariah, Rigor Mortis, Riot, Running Wild, Sacred Blade, Sacred Oath, Satan, Savage Grace, Scanner, Shok Paris, Slauter Xstroyes, Tad Morose, Torture, Toxik, Tyrant, Tysondog, Vendetta, Vicious Rumors, Virgin Steele, Warrant, WASP, Whiplash, etc...

The butt of my reviews from early 2007 (and the rare ones before) are fairly dated and could probably do with some complete overhauls, I guess it's sometimes fun to look back at old work however. There's some later ones from 07' that I think turned out pretty good and from there I think I improved a bit, though from late 2008 and on I slowed down a bit. It's not like I've quit, stopped listening to metal, or anything though, so fear not... maybe the drive to write will come back again someday.

Rating scale, as with a lot of reviewers, is a bit inconsistent. Though I typically like reviewing obscure/unreviewed releases that I enjoy rather than complaining about an album or whatnot, so you'll see most of my reviews are positive anyways. Alas, I like to keep some balance.

November 6th, 2008,
- Started up my "The USPM Demo Essentials" review series. It's a work in progress with no definite end. Also, these older reviews could very well be part of this series too:
* Assalant - The Damage Is Done
* Cyperus - Cyperus, Sanity Management
* Dark Age (US) - Dark Age
* Glacier - Demo '88, Glacier
* Militia (US) - Regiments of Death
* Sanctuary (US) - 1986 Demo


Other stuff I like.
- Legend of the Galactic Heroes
- Videogames, NES-PSX era, 90's PC
- Tits and Destiny

Also a few huge special shout outs to some band members I've had the honor of conversing with: Rob Walker (Tysondog), Larry Barragan (Helstar), Dave Starr (lots of stuff), Nino Trovato (Matthias Steele) etc... cheers!