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All except black and deathcore 

I'm a music fanatic and metal has been with me for the last decade and a half now. My random and befuddling tastes in music are known to every worthy mortal far and wide. Apart from metal I also dig prog rock (modern and 70s), post rock, ambient, grunge, alt rock, jazz, indie rock, folk (depends), flamenco, latin, bossa, and a bit of electronica and trance (surprise, surprise) when I'm in the mood. And let's face it, all of us have our guilty pleasure moments of listening to pop/dance/easy listening whatnot music every now and then. Sometimes even every day. Ditch elitism people. It's half the reason why music ends up stagnating as a whole. Always approach music with an open mind and with as few expectations as possible. More than often you will be rewarded.

As much as possible, I try not to waste my time trashing bands I don't like or crappy bands unless it's absolutely necessary to warn people to stay away. Everyone has different tastes in music, deal with it already. Don't waste your time on shit like "Is is tr00 metal or mainstream metal?". If it sounds good to you, then dig it. Period. Too many favorite bands and genres to list out here so you'll just have to read my reviews and figure shit out for yourselves. Adios!