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Wra1th1s's profile

Full name:
Karsa Orlong 
Favourite metal genre(s):
See below 

Now living in Los Angeles.

Caveat lector, long spiels ahead.

If ya wanna drop me a line, add me on MSN:

[email protected]

Username on other sites;
Wra1th1s (yep that's it!)
Well, I used to go by NWOBHMfan for like 2 months.

Favorite bands(alphabetical order):
Dark Angel
Deep Purple
Dream Theater
Flotsam and Jetsam
Judas Priest
Morbid Saint
Symphony X
Torture Squad
...well you get the idea.

Guilty pleasures (no particular order):
System of A Down (shut up!)
David Bowie
Pretty much any glam metal band
Public Enemy

The many genres of metal (from favorite to awful):

Thrash metal - My absolute favorite genre. From Dark Angel (brutal thrash) to Watchtower (prog thrash) to Flotsam and Jetsam (melodic thrash), I just love it.

Speed/Power metal - I like the Helloween style power metal more than the Stratovarius, i.e. "flower" metal, style. I like speed metal from Priest to Maiden to Venom.

Progressive metal - Bring on the 7/4, 11/8, 5/4 time signatures and shredaholic playing! I like old-school prog metal, DT or Symphony X or Fates Warning alikes, and some modern prog metal, i.e. "tech" metal, Nevermore (Godless Endeavor only) or Outworld but NOT Meshuggah. I also like mix genres (Prog death if it doesn't sound like Opeth, prog thrash, prog power).

Death metal - If it sounds like Possessed, Obituary, Death, or Nile, I'm game.

Doom metal - Anything but funeral doom/sludge doom/dirge doom. Point is, I like it Sabbath-y. Yeah I changed my mind about this genre, so sue me!

Proto/Classic metal and Hard Rock plus Glam metal - Love it. Simple as that. But it's low because most hard rock or glam metal bands are not very metal (Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Extreme, Ratt, etc.).

Groove metal - I don't HATE this, it's just not my thing. I like some albums, but that's it.

Melodeath - Of course I'm talking Gothenburg. Again not my thing, but I like a handful of songs.

Gothic metal - Where's the guitar? This is barely metal.

Mallcore/Nu "metal" - ONE exception. Other than that, shite. Especially Slipknot (my friend thinks they're more metal than power metal, sad ain't it?).

"Metal"/"Death"core plus Heafy metal - CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!

Black metal - Still crap after about 4 years of trying. No variation, shitty vocals. Futile attempts at atmosphere. The only black metal band I like is Bal-Sagoth, even then they're more symphonic metal and light-years ahead of other black metal bands in terms of variation and atmosphere.

I will, perhaps, be one of the few reviewers who will admit that a scoring system is inherently flawed because numbers don't really tell you much about the subject. I'll attach a number that I think is apropos to my review but generally the score and the content of the review are separate things.

I also write a few fantasy yarns here and there, along with horror and occasionally SF. I lurve comic books, pulp fiction (NOT THE MOVIE,) I also have an unquenchable thirst for ancient history, religious texts and all things Celtic (don't ask.)

I'm surprised if anybody bothers to read my profile.

"Say no to -core, children! Avoid it like the creepy old man down the street!" - Me