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Wooh's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Mr Wooh 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Early Death Metal, Thrash 

Fav bands:

Sepultura (up to Arise), Darkthrone (up to Transilvanian), Sarcofago (INRI), DRI (up to Dealing with it), Possessed, Slayer (up to Hell Awaits), Moonspell (up to Sin/Pecado), Sodom (early), The Exploited, Discharge, Deicide (up to Legion), Iced Earth (only the first three LPs), Massacra (first two LPs), Vulcano, Kreator (early), Mutilator, Atheist, Tormentor (Hun), Mayhem (ONLY De Mysteriis), Dodheimsgard (ONLY Kronet til Konge), Torturer (Oppressed by the Force), Napalm Death (grindcore releases), Carcass, Early Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Death (mainly Scream... and Leprosy), Blind Guardian (only first 3 LP's), Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies... and more...

I've got a 80's Death/Thrash thing with slight prog tendencies with some pals but I'll post a myspace link in my profile after we release our first demo.

I like primitive metal above all. In the vein of the 80's and preferably the South American style. Probably my favorite band is Sepultura but I detest everything after Arise (1991). I listen to some 90's stuff but I can tell you I hate most of it both due to ideological/lyrical and musical aspects. I hate the STUPID ideological direction Black Metal took after 1991 and I definately would listen to Sarcofago than to Burzum or to Tormentor (Hun) than to Gorgoroth.

If you have a demo and you want me to review it, just pm me (and give me a link to the music). Especially if you play 80's stuff :P :D.

That's how I review:

I'm not the riff-motherfucker nor on the contrary the percussive type. I tend to like an album if I find good riffs or if I find good percussion/rythmic stuff/etc or better if I find both. I RARELY consider giving an album a higher than 90% cause even ratings like 88 89 means I consider it classic. Beneath the Remains (98%) is my favorite metal album and that's why it is so high. I double and triple think if I will ever use the 99% and 100% but it will be for albums that would change my life and point of view to metal.