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WilliamAcerfeltd's profile

Full name:
William Acerfeltd 
Favourite metal genre(s):
black metal 

If you want to contact me, mail [email protected] So if I insult your favourite band/album please feel free to send me hate mail so that I can mock you and your idiocies and thus prove what a retard you really are.

UPDATE: well well well, I just checked my account and I certainly did get some hate mail from morons, some examples:

From: Lord AƤkenrez
Sent: Friday, 21 September 2018 8:42 AM
To: [email protected]

You are a fucking poser, you don't know shit about Black Metal or Metal as a whole motherfucker. You listen to mainstream kiddie Black Metal so fuck off of the true metalheads who listen to the raw and underground shit

My response:


Well thank you for email. I do apologise for the slow response as I very rarely, if ever check this account. . You're completely right, I don't really know anything about black metal. After all I'm just a kid. I'm sure a highly intelligent individual such as yourself, would never give himself a stupid name like Lord AƤkenrez for example or waste his valuable time sending hate mail to complete strangers on the internet. Indeed, he would never be as so stupid as to send such hate mail to an account which is very rarely checked....oh wait.

That said, your feedback is very important to me. I had a good laugh over the level of stupidity contained within your email. If you would like to further demonstrate the utter depths of your idiocy, please feel to reply. You might be quite useful to science in terms of: how not to live your life.

Cheers Sunshine

Even thought it's quite old, I just read your review on Dusk and Her Embrace, from Cradle Of Filth, although i guess can't really call it a review... more like a bunch of nonsense written by an idiot who can't recognise good music even if it hit him in the face with a hammer. Obviously, anyone with any common sense won't give two shits about the verbal diarrhea that you put into words. People like what they like, and that's fine, but give 1% to an album that pretty much anyone who knows a little bit about metal in general recognises as one of the greatest releases out there should give you some sort of clue. Writing in a website about something you have no clue about just shows how much an idiot that person is, hopefully you learned something since then. If not... oh well, sucks to be you then.

Best regards,

PS - Did I mention you're an idiot? Oh well, doesn't hurt to make sure!

My response:


Thank you for your email jackass, I mean Danielle (you must be a Danielle as only a bitch would actually take offence to a review written by a complete stranger). Your feedback it's very important to me. You say obviously anyone with any common sense won't give two shits about my review. I see your point after all, a highly intelligent individual such as yourself would never care so much as to go to the effort of sending total strangers idiotic hate mail. After all, sending them is very productive and it's not like it makes you look stupid or anything, especially when they are so poorly written.

You're also right about Dusk and Her Embrace it is a complete masterpiece of faggoth metal, giving it was 1% was a bit harsh, as god forbid some faggoths might get offended by it. Cheerfully noted! Next time when writing a review, I will take into consideration that bitches and snowflakes might take offence that someone has a different opinion to them as not making them cry is very high on my priorities.

As for you, I would recommend you try some no more tears shampoo. I don't know why I feel the need to recommend this for you, maybe it's something in your email?

Cheers Danielle

PS Dusk and Her Embrace still sucks