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Wahn_nhaW's profile

Metal newbie 
Favourite metal genre(s):
doom, death, thrash 

Info as of early 2021:

37-year old metalhead, started in 1996, converted by Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden and Sepultura;

General preference for late 80s/early 90s death, doom, thrash and any variation thereof;

Particular favorites: experimental bands where nearly every album is different: At the Gates, Carcass, Death, Atheist, Cynic (stretching back to the demos), Sepultura (up to and including the groove period), Celtic Frost, plus on a whole different level of appreciation - the inimitable Voivod;

Current major preoccupation: death/doom going into gothic metal, with Paradise Lost, Tiamat and Anathema as firm favorites; also revisiting My Dying Bride, The Gathering, Katatonia;

Other favorites: Judas Priest (originators, innovators and a band without parallel in all of metal), Metallica, Black Sabbath (Ozzy and Dio only), Fates Warning (all eras), the much misunderstood Cathedral, Kreator (including the unjustly forgotten 90s albums), Dream Theater (perhaps strangely, with a hard stop before Jordan Rudess joins), Trouble, Entombed, Mercyful Fate...

Old favorites whose appeal is, unfortunately, slowly wearing off: Megadeth, Savatage, Slayer, Morbid Angel - and I'm talking about the "good" eras;

Minor-league thrash metal band of choice: Artillery

Recent goddamn-this-is-awesome discovery: King's X

Favorites among black metal bands few and far between; major nostalgia for Emperor, general predilection toward 90s Enslaved, Samael and Rotting Christ plus some other stuff.

Other stuff: 70s hard rock (duh), British blues boom of the 60s, psychedelic and progressive rock (particularly the Canterbury scene, with Soft Machine on top of most things), bohemian New York punk (Richard Hell & the Voidoids, New York Dolls, Patti Smith, Television...), British post-punk and goth rock, alternative/college rock, grunge and some pop-punk of the Offspring variety.

Not even going to go into any non-rock stuff (but you can PM me about all things soul, funk, ska and reggae anytime);

Things I dislike: anything too drony or sludgy in metal, with some exceptions, and I have no patience for funeral doom; meathead hardcore, especially the NY style; shoegaze (which, by all criteria, I should like); I'm sure there's something else...

Iconic metal bands I really don't care much for: Possessed, Bathory, a whole bunch of USPM from Manilla Road to Jag Panzer, a lot of lower-tier thrash like Heathen or Overkill; most obscure NWOBHM; again, must be something else...

Major phases that never returned once they ended: European power metal (1998-2003), Pantera (ok, I play "Mouth for War" on YouTube every once in a while);

Not ever sure where I stand on brutal death metal anymore.