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Verdunsc's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Epic Doom, Doom/Death 

My rating scale:

100: Perfection, no flaws, a landmark of the genre. I'll be listening to this forever.
90-99: Excellent album, fantastic representation of the genre. Probably little to no flaws.
80-89: Great album, strong songs, but a few flaws. I would still buy this though.
70-79: A good album. Fans of the genre/band should probably find it good/buy it.
60-69: Fans of the band can try it, download it or whatever. Good, but flaws are in greater numbers/drag it down a lot.
50-59: Thoroughly average, not something I would buy, but a diehard fan might like it.
<49: Varying degrees of shit, from kinda shitty to absolutely horrid.

My favorites are Black Metal of pretty much all types, epic doom in the style of Candlemass, Melodic Doom/Death Metal, and Funeral Doom metal. However, I listen to a smattering from a bit of everything. My favorite band, however, is probably Moonsorrow.