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Metal newbie 
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Almost every subgenre. 

Hi there, folks.

I am an italian geek, interested in technology. I'm a computer scientist and I currently work as a programmer in an Italian IT company.
My main interests are movies, metal music and, of course, technology and IT stuff. I also love playing video games whenever possible, especially RPGs, although they are very time-consuming, so I don't have time to dedicate myself to them as it once was.

Metal is my favorite music genre and the one I listen to most. I started at the age of 13 listening to Pink Floyd and 70's progressive rock such as Rush, Yes, Genesis, then discovering metal in my early teens. I also love Jazz and some kind of ambient/electronic music.

Since I work as a software developer, I spend most of my daily time listening to music while writing code. As a result, I can listen to the same albums several times, discover new/niche ones and form a personal opinion on them. I am not an expert or a musician (although I played bass for a few years), but it would be a real pleasure for me to share my opinion with you.

Here is my album rating scale:

100 - Flawless masterpiece that creates an unforgettable and timeless listening experience. An album to be voted 100 in my rating scale must also have a historical importance, present innovations and evolutions from the past, opening the way to new subgenres and musical experiences.

90-99 - Basically a masterpiece for me, a fantastic and solid album destined to be remembered over the years. This rating scale includes select albums and elite products that do not represent absolute perfection, but are very close to it.

80-89 - An excellent album, which certainly has flaws, but it is the result of good work. The musicians put creativity and originality into the composition of the product, although perhaps certain aspects of the music could have been made better.

70-79 - A good album, which presents positive and negative aspects in a balanced way. The listening experience is on the whole really pleasant, although criticisms and negatives are easy on the eye.

60-69 - An average album, which certainly creates an overall pleasant listening experience, but it presents several defects or problems. Usually they are products of sufficient quality, but whose listening is easily forgotten.

50-59 - A mediocre album, a product that usually has interesting but poorly implemented ideas. The effort employed is minimal and the consequence is an album that leaves much to be desired.

40-49 - A bad album with huge flaws, not creative ideas; it is the result of a failure that creates an unfortunately not pleasant listening experience.

All ratings below 40% depict a really bad musical experience, if not an insult to music itself. Usually I try to be objective and it is really difficult for me to give such low scores, even to the worst albums. I really do not understand those who give a 0; I find it unfair and senseless, there is a rating scale specially made for use.