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Death, black, grind, crust 

Greetings to all!!!
Bands not featured on MA but still in my collection:
ACXDC, Against the Grain (NY), Aghast, Agnostic Front, Agrotoxico, Alien Placenta, Anal Cunt, Angry Samoans, Anne Clarke, Another Oppressive System, Anti-Cimex, Antidote, Anti Nowhere League, A.O.B., Archagatus, Arsedestroyer, Artimus Pyle, Atack Epileptico, Atari Teenage Riot, Atrium Carceri, Avskum, Autoritär, Axiom, Backfire, Bad Brains, Barak Tor, Bastard (JAP), Batmobile, Beastie Boys, Belgian Asociality, Besthöven, Betercore, B.G.K., Big Black, Black Flag, Blood for Blood, Blood I Bleed, Bloody Phoenix, Blown to Bits, Body Count, Bones Brigade, B.O.R., Boris Viande, Boycot (NL), Brigada de Odio, Brody's Militia, Bulldoze, Butthole Surfers, Cabaret Voltaire, Capitalist Casualties, Capital Scum, Career Suicide, Cause for Alarm, Caustic Christ, Cernunnos Woods, Chaka, Chaos UK, Charles Bronson, Charley's War, Chiens, Christ on Parade, Chronic Seizure, Circle Jerks, Citizens Arrest, Citizens Patrol, Civil Disobedience, Civil Terror, Code 13, Coke Bust, Columbo, Comin' Correct, Concrete Facelift, Conflict, Contrasto, Controlled Existence, Cop on Fire, Coph Nia, Corrupted Ideals, Corrupted Morals, Council of Nine, Cracked Cop Skulls, Cracks in the Wall, Crass, Crossed Out, Crucial Section, Crude S.S., Crucifix (SF), Cruel Face, Crustenunie, Cypress Hill, Dark Horse, Dayglo Abortions, Dead Fucking Last, Dead Kennedies, Dead Stop, Death Dealers, Deathraid, Deathtoll, Deep Wound, Deface, Deformed Conscience, Demented Are Go, Desiderii Marginis, Despise You, DFA, Die Kreuzen, Direct Control, Dirt, Disarm, Disease, Discipline, Disclose, Disfear, Disgust (UK), Diskonto, Disrupt, Distress (RUS), DJ Skinhead, Dödsdömd, Donald D, Doom, Down to Reality, Dr. Dre, Dropdead, EC8OR, Electro Hippies, Energetic Krusher, Excrement of War, Fatal Error, Fetus Christ, 59 Times the Pain, Fluoride, Folkstorm, For the Worse, F.P.A.C., Framtid, Frenzy, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Fuck on the Beach, Funkdoobiest, F.U.'s, G.B.H., Genocide Organ, Genocide S.S., Geto Boys, Gewoon Fucking Raggen, GG Allin, G.G.F.H., Gloom (JAP), Goatvargr, Goose, Half Off, Hatecrew, Haymaker, Heibel, Heid, Hellnation, Helmet, Hetze, Hirsute Pursuit, Hometown Crew, Ice Cube, Ice-T, Inferno (JAP), Infest (US), Inner Depth, Insane Youth (BEL), Insted, Insult (NL), Insult (US), Intense Degree, I Shot Cyrus, Isterismo, Kaaos, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, KRS-ONE, Lautstürmer, Link, Link Protrudi and the Jaymen, Loudpipes, L7 (LA), Lustmord, Madball, Mangle, Manhunt, Marginal, Mass Genocide Process, Massgrav, Massgrave (CAN), Massive Attack, M.D.C., Meatpacker, Metatron Omega, Mind, Minor Threat, Misantropic, Misery (US), Mob 47, Monster X (NY), Morthond, Mug-Shot, Murdered Cop, Murderous Vision, Murgrind, Murphy's Law, Mz.412, Naked Ape, Napalm Raid, Nations on Fire, Nausea (NY), NDE, Negative FX, Negative Gain, Neglect, Neuroot, Nirvana, No for an Answer, No Innocent Victim, NON, Nordvargr, Nordvargr/Drakh, Nothing Clean, Nuclear Death Terror, N.W.A., OFF!, Old Sorcery, Olho De Gato, Olho Seco, One Life Crew, 1 Step at a Time, Only Attitude Counts, Ordo Equilibrio, Ouroboros (IT), Painkiller, Penitent, Peter Pan Speedrock, Pharmakon, Pisschrist, PowerXchuck, Primus, Project Hopeless, Psyclon Nine, Quattro Stagioni, raison d'être, Ramallah, Rammstein, Rattus, Raw Noise, Reagan SS, Reagan Youth, Rejuvenate, Reproach, Riistetyt, Rollins Band, Rupture (AUS), Ryker's, Sakatat, Sauna, Sawn Off, Scorn (UK), Scumraid, Security Threat, Seitan, Sephiroth (SWE?), Septic Death, Sequestered Keep, Sewer Goddess, Sex Pistols, Sheer Terror, Shredder, Sick of it All, Siege, Skinny Puppy, Skitsystem, Slapshot, Socialcide, Social Outcast, Sore Throat, Spazz, Special Duties, Speedozer, Stercore, Strife, Strong Intention, Suicide Commando, Sutcliffe Jügend, Tad, Tech-9, Terror Organ, Terror Zone, The Afternoon Gentlemen, The Alligators, The Beast (US), The Black Crowes, The Chemical Brothers, The Cramps, The Fartz, The Fix, The Fuzztones, The Germs, The Go-Hards, The Horror, The Meatmen, The Nerve Agents, The Sisters of Mercy, The Varukers, Think Brigade, 3 Way Cum, Tool, Tortyr, Travölta, 25 ta life, 24-7 Spyz, Uncurbed, Uniform Choice, Unlearned, Unsane, Urban Waste, Valvontakomissio, Visions of War, Void, Von Thronstahl, Voorhees, Warcollapse, Warcry, Warsore, Wartorn, Warvictims, Warzone, Wayne Smith, Wolfbrigade, Wolfpack (NY), Wolfpack (SWE), World Burns to Death, X-Creta, Zeke, Zyklome A.