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Metal freak 
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Death, black, grind, crust 

Greetings to all!!!
Bands not featured on MA but still in my collection:
AC/DC, AC 4, ACXDC, A Cryo Chamber Collaboration, Action (CAN), Adrenalin O.D., Aerosmith, Against the Grain (NY), Aghast, Agnostic Front, Agrotoxico, Alice Cooper, Alien Placenta, Allergic to Whores, Alphaxone, Amen (FIN), Amendment Eighteen, Amöba, Amyl and the Sniffers, Anal Cunt, Anenzephalia, Angry Samoans, Anne Clarke, Annihilation Time, Another Oppressive System, Anti-Cimex, Antidote (NY), Anti Nowhere League, A.O.B., Apprehended Violence Order, Archagathus, Arrogänt, Arsedestroyer, Artimus Pyle, Assert, Assholeparade, Asta Kask, Atack Epileptico, Atari Teenage Riot, Atavistic, Atomgevitter, Atrium Carceri, Atrocious Madness, Attak (UK), Ausgebombt, Autoritär, Avskum, Awkward Thought, Axiom, Babes in Toyland, Bacchus (UK), Backfire, Bad Brains, Bagger, Barak Tor, Bastard (JAP), Batmobile, Battery (WA), Beastie Boys, Beat Down, Beergut 100, Belgian Asociality, Beowülf, Besthöven, Betercore, B.G.K., Big Black, Big Cheese, Bikini Kill, Bile (NY), Biohazard, Bite Down, Bitter (MA), Bizarre Uproar, Black Flag, Bl'ast, Blitz, Blood for Blood, Blood from the Soul, Blood I Bleed, Bloody Phoenix, Blown to Bits, Blue Cheer, Body Count, Bollocks (JAP), Bombraid, Bombstrike, Bones Brigade, B.O.R., Boris Viande, Born Blind, Boston Strangler, Boycot (NL), Boy Harsher, Brains No More, Breach, Breakdown (NY), Brigada de Odio, Brighter Death Now, Brightside, Brody's Militia, Broken Cross, Bruce Springsteen, Building, Bulldoze, Burn (NY), Butthole Surfers, Cabaret Voltaire, Cancerous Growth, Capitalist Casualties, Capital Scum, Career Suicide, Carry Nation, Carry On, Cause for Alarm, Caustic Christ, Cenobites, Cerebros Exprimidos, Cernunnos Woods, Chain of Strength, Chaka, Chaos UK, Chaotic Dischord, Charles Bronson, Cheap Drugs, Cheap Sex, Chicano-Christ, Chiens, Christ on a Crutch, Christ on Parade, Chronic Disease, Chronic Seizure, Cinderella, Circle Jerks, Citizens Arrest, Citizens Patrol, Civil Disobedience, CIV, Civil Terror, Clawfinger, Coal Chamber, Cock Sparrer, Code Red (BEL), Code 13, Coil, Coke Bust, Cold as Life, Cold World, Columbo, Coma (POL), Comin' Correct, Common Enemy, Comptons Most Wanted, Concrete Cell, Concrete Facelift, Conflict, Confront, Confrontation (CA), Congress, Contrast Attitude, Contrasto, Control Machete, Cop on Fire, Coph Nia, Core of Anger, Cornerstone (US), Cornucopia (BEL), Corrupted Ideals, Corrupted Morals, Council of Nine, Cracked Cop Skulls, Cracks in the Wall, Crass, Cream, Creep Division, Cropknox, Crossed Out, Crossing Chaos, Crown of Thornz, Crucial Attack, Crucial Section, Crucifix (SF), Crude S.S., Cruel Face, Crustenunie, C.U.M., Current 93, Cypress Hill, Da Lench Mob, Damaged Goods, Damnation A.D., Dark Horse, Dawn of Liberty, Dayglo Abortions, Dead Boys, Dead can Dance, Dead Fucking Last, Dead Kennedies, Dead or Alive (UK), Dead Stop, Death Dealers, Deathpile, Deathraid, Death Threat, Deathtoll, Deep Wound, Deface, Deformed Conscience, Del tha Funkeé Homosapien, Demented Are Go, Descent to Hell, Desiderii Marginis, Despise You, Destroy (MN), Detestation, Detritus (BEL), Devastation of Life, Deviate (BEL), Devoid of Faith, DFA, Diamanda Galas, Die Hard (OH), Die Hunns, Die Kreuzen, Dinosaur Jr., Diplodocus, Direct Control, Dirt, Disabuse (UK/US), Disarm, Discarga, Discover, Disease, Discard, Dischange, Disciples of Annihilation, Discipline, Disclose, Disfear, Disfornicate, Disgust (UK), Diskonto, Dispense, Dispose, Disregard, Disrupt, Dissystema, Distress (RUS), Divisions Ruin, DJ Skinhead, Doctor and the Crippens, Dödsdömd, Dödläge, Donald D, Doom (UK), Down to Reality, Dr. Dre, Dropdead, D.S.-13, Ear Damage, Early Graves, Earth Crisis, Eat My Fuk, Eazy E, EC8OR, Econochrist, Edöra, Einsturzende Neubauten, Electro Hippies, Endless (PA), Enemy Soil, Ensign, Everyday Madness, Excrement of War, Extortion (AUS), Eyeball, Facedown (BEL), Face the Enemy, Fad Gadget, Fatal Error (BEL), Fear, Fear of God (SUI), Ferre Grignard, Fetus Christ, Fief, 59 Times the Pain, Filthpact, Final Conflict, Final Exit (SWE), Final Holocaust (SWE), Fire in the Head, Fleas and Lice, Flipper, Floorpunch, Fluoride, Folkstorm, Follow Through, Forced Expression, Force Fed (UK), For the Living, For the Worse, F.P.A.C., Framtid, Frantic Flintstones, Frenzy, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Fuck on the Beach, Funerary Call, Funkdoobiest, F.U.'s, Gang Green, G-Anx, Gargoylium, Gauze, G.B.H., Genitorturers, Genocide Organ, Genocide S.S., Geriatric Unit, Geto Boys, Gewoon Fucking Raggen, GG Allin, G.G.F.H., Gloom (JAP), Goatvargr, God (UK), Gokurtrussel, Good Clean Fun, Goose, Gorilla Biscuits, Government Warning, Green Jellÿ, Greenscab, Greymachine, Grid, Grinderman, Gruppo di Pawlowski, Guns 'n' Roses, Half Off, Halgrath, Hard-Ons, Hard Stance, Hatecrew, Haymaker, Hazard (JAP), Health Hazard, Heibel, Heid, Hellnation, Heresy (UK), Hetze, Hiatus, Hirsute Pursuit, His Hero is Gone, Holding On, Hometown Crew, Horda Bastarda, House of Pain, Human Waste (SWE), Ice Cube, Ice-T, Iconoclast (JAP), Icons of Filth, Ildfrost, Impact Unit, In Cold Blood (OH), Inferno (JAP), Infest (US), Inhuman (NY), In My Eyes, Inner Depth, Insane Youth (BEL), Insted, Insult (NL), Insult (US), Intense Degree, Intense Mutilation, Intensity, Intent to Injure, Internal Affairs, Intolitarian, I-Reject, Iron Fist of the Sun, I Shot Cyrus, Isterismo, Jackyl, Jane's Addiction, Jerry's Kids, Jobcrusher, Johnny Moped, Joy Division, Judge, Kaaos, Khüll, Kilgore, Killed in Action, Killing Joke, Kill Your Idols, King Crimson, Klaus Schulze, Konfrontation, Kontatto, Korn, Korsfäst, Kraftwerk, Krigshot, KRS-ONE, Krüger (CZ), Krum Bums, Lack of Interest, Lard, Lärm, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, Last Days of Humanity, Last Man Standing, Lautstürmer, Lebanon Hanover, Lieselotte, Life Sex & Death, Lifespite, Link, Link Protrudi and the Jaymen, Link Wray, Little Richard, Lordz of Brooklyn, Los Crudos, Losing Streak, Loudpipes, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, L7 (LA), Lull, Lunachicks, Lustmord, Madball, Mainstrike, Makabert Fynd, Mangle, Manhunt, Man is the Bastard, Manliftingbanner, Marginal, Marvargr, Mass Genocide Process, Massgrav, Massgrave (CAN), Massive Attack, Masskontroll, Masters of Reality, Matrak Attakk, Mau Maus, MC5, M.D.C., Meanwhile, Meatpacker, Meat Shits, Mental Disturbance (BEL), Merciless Precision, Metatron Omega, Milkman, Mind, Minor Threat, Minotaur (BEL), Miozän, Misantropic, Misconduct (SWE), Misery (US), Mittwinter, MM, Mob 47, Moms on Meth, Monster X (NY), Moom, Morthond, Mount Shrine, Mouthpiece, Mug-Shot, Murdered Cop, Murderous Vision, Murder Suicide Pact, Murgrind, Murphy's Law, Mutiny, Mz.412, Nailed Down, Naked Ape, Napalm Raid, Nashville Pussy, Nations on Fire, Naughty by Nature, Nausea (NY), NDE, Necrophorus, Negative Approach, Negative Control, Negative FX, Negative Gain, Negazione, Neglect, Nekrofellatio, Neuroot, New York Dolls, Next Step Up, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nightstick Justice, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, No Allegiance, No Comment, No Festival of Light, No for an Answer, No Innocent Victim, NON, Nordvargr, Nordvargr/Drakh, Normaal, North Side Kings, Nothing Clean, Nuclear Death Terror, Numbskulls, N.W.A., October File, OFF!, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Olho De Gato, Olho Seco, Onanizer, One Life Crew, 1 Step at a Time, Only Attitude Counts, Onyx, Oppressed Logic, Ordo Equilibrio, Otophobia, Ouroboros (IT), Outbreak (ME), Outburst (NY), Out Cold, Outlast, Painkiller, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Payback (NL), Peenemunde, Penitent, Peter Pan Speedrock, Pharmakon, Pignation, Pisschrist, Poison Idea, Police Bastard, P.O.W.E.R., Powerhouse (CA), Power of Idea, PowerXchuck, Primus, Private Jesus Detector, Professor Griff, Project Hopeless, Project X, Protestera, Psycho (BO), Psyclon Nine, Public Enemy, Quattro Stagioni, Radical Development, Rage against the Machine, raison d'être, Ramallah, R.A.M.B.O., Rammstein, Ratt, Rattus, Raw Noise, Reagan SS, Reagan Youth, Reckoning Force, Redemption 87, Red with Anger, Regression, Rejuvenate, Reproach, Release (US), Revolting Cocks, Riistetyt, Ripcord (UK), Rise Above (BEL), Robert Johnson, Rollins Band, Rooie Waas, Rose Tattoo, Rot in Hell, Run Devil Run, Rupture (AUS), Ryker's, Sakatat, Sauna, Sawn Off, Scalplock, Schoolly D, Scholastic Death, Scorn (UK), Scoundrels, Scowl, Scum Noise, Scumraid, Sealed with a Fist, Second Age, Security Threat, See You in Hell, Seitan, Sektor, Selfish (FIN), Sephiroth (SWE?), Septic Death, Sequestered Keep, 7 Seconds, Sewer Goddess, Sex Pistols, Shadow Dungeon, Sham 69, Shark Attack, Sheer Terror, Shell Shock (NO), Shelter, Shock Headed Peters, Shredder, Shutdown (NY), Sick of it All, Side by Side, Siege, Silvester Anfang, Sissy Spacek, Sistemas de Aniquilacion, Skarhead, Skatenigs, Skinny Puppy, Skitsystem, Skullflower, Slaktmask, Slapshot, Sleaford Mods, Slight Slappers, Slobber, SL-27, Snoop Doggy Dogg, S.O.A., Socialcide, Social Crisis, Social Genocide, Social Justice, Social Outcast, Social Unrest, Sore Throat, Spazz, Special Duties, Speedozer, Spineless (BEL), Spirit 84, Sportswear, SSD, Stand and Fight, State of Fear, Stercore, Straight Edge Kegger, Straight Edge My Ass, Strife, Strong Intention, Sturmführer, Subklinik, Subzero (NY), Suicide Commando, Sutcliffe Jügend, Swallowing Shit, Swampsurfers, Swans, Swartalf, System of a Down, Tad, Tangerine Dream, Tear It Up, Tech-9, Teethgrinder, Tempers, Tenhornedbeast, Ten Yard Fight, Terminator X, Terror Organ, Terror Zone, Terveet Kadet, Tesco Vee, Texas Terri + the Stiff Ones, Thangorodrim, The Afternoon Gentlemen, The Alligators, The Beast (US), The Beatnigs, The B 52's, The Birthday Party, The Black Crowes, The Butcher, The Chemical Brothers, The Clash, The Cramps, The Cure, The Damned, The Deal (BEL), The Despised, The Distillers, The Doors, The Dresden Dolls, The Dwarves, The Fartz, The Fix, The 4 Skins, The Fuzztones, The Gecko Brothers, The Germs, The Go-Hards, The Grey Wolves, The Heartaches, The Hip Priests, The Horror (UK), The Jesus Lizard, The Kids, The Last Resort, The Legion of Parasites, The Mamas and Papas, The Meatmen, The Neighbors, The Nerve Agents, The Offenders, The Partisans, The Path of Resistance, The Ramones, The Runaways, The Sisters of Mercy, The Soft Moon, The Spastics, The Undertones, The Usual Suspects, The Varukers, The Vibrators, The Vomit Arsonist, Think Brigade, 3rd Bass, 3 Way Cum, Thumbs Down, Tiebreak, Tied Down, Time Flies, Tipper's Gore, Today Is the Day, Token Entry, Tool, Tortyr, Total Chaos (US), Totalitär, Toxic Narcotic, Trash Talk, Travölta, Trepaneringsritualen, True Colors, 25 ta Life, 24-7 Spyz, Two Live Crew, UK Subs, Uncurbed, Unfixed, Unhinged, Uniform Choice, Union 13, Unlearned, Unsane, Unwise, Up Against, Up Front, Uppercut (NL), Urban Waste, U-731, Uutuus, Vagina Dentata (BEL), Valvontakomissio, Vandal X, Van Halen, Vargr (SWE), Vegan Reich, Vice Squad, Victims, Violation of Trust, Violation Wound, Vision of Disorder, Visions of War, Vitamin X, Vogue (BEL), Void, Vomitorial Corpulence, Von Thronstahl, Voorhees, VR Sex, Warcollapse, Warcorpse, Warcry, Warsore, Wartorn, Warvictims, Warzone, Waste Management, Wayne Smith, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, White Cross, Wisdom in Chains, Wolfbrigade, Wolfpack (NY), Wolfpack (SWE), World Burns to Death, World Downfall (JAP), Wrecking Crew (MA), Wretched, Wu Tang Clan, X-Creta, Yacopsae, Youth Code, Youth Korps, Youth of Today, Zeke, Zyklome A, ZZ Top.