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Metal newbie 
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William Espinosa 
United States 

I like pretty much all genres of Metal, although I do tend to favor the raw, classic sound of the 80s and early 90s, whether it'd be Power Metal, Death, Black, NWOBHM, Traditional, Shred or Thrash from that era. However, I loath flower power bands with a passion, so if you're one of those pansies that considers groups like Sonata Arctica and Freedom Call to be Metal, then I suggest that you get your thinking straight or stay away from Metal all together. Those bands may have talent, much talent, in fact; but they should not be associated with Metal whatsoever, much less POWER Metal! They are a disgrace. Where's the fucking power behind that?! I don't have anything against anyone who listens to those bands, but just don't associate them with Metal, alright? To be honest, I'd rather listen to mallcore than that shit. Anyway, if you disagree with that I have to say or if you just want to chat, message me on AIM on KingDiamond18is9.