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As I write more and more reviews, the fact that some of my earlier writings on this website suck a little bit becomes more obvious to me. As all active writers do, I'm constantly evolving as I practice the craft. Additionally, my abilities to discern and analyze the various nuances in metal recordings have grown sharper over time and will hopefully continue to do so. As a result, I'm no longer in complete agreement with all my earlier reviews, a good number of which I was too generous with. Essentially, the farther back you go, the more likely it is that I actually like whatever album is being reviewed a little less than it says in the review. If I were to critique Twilight Force's stupidly named Heroes of Mighty Magic today, for example, I would probably give it a score in the low 70s instead of the 88 percent I foolishly gave it in my premature enthusiasm. I also will not be fixing various errors like one in my To Mega Therion review where I said Celtic Frost was Swedish instead of Swiss but you can at least take solace in knowing that I flagellated myself all night and into the morning for making that mistake.

In the interest of using my back catalogue of reviews to chart my growth as a writer and learn from the mistakes I've made through occasional re-readings, I've decided to never correct or alter them. We can't learn from our mistakes if we sweep them under the rug.