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UncleAsh's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Adam Lee 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):

I love metal. In particular DOOM Metal. I swear to god it's like heroine for me. Saint Vitus and Pentagram are the forever kings. Secondly I love Black Metal. Real Black Metal, not symphonic shit, also most ambient BM sucks. Darkthrone and Bathory are the Gods of the darkness. I also dig Thrash Metal and NWOBHM. I'm really into Hells HEadbangers records. I hate Symphonic metal, Metalcore and most Progressive metal. Motorhead is my favorite band and are better than your favorite band. I also listen to early Country, Rockabilly and pretty much any form of Rock and Roll. Huge fan of early 60s to mid 70s Jazz(multiple sub forms) and Soul/Funk.

My favorite metal bands of all time:

13. Merciful Fate
12. Hellhammer
11. Venom
10. Celtic Frost
9. Manowar
8. Pagan Altar
7. Darkthrone
6. Saint Vitus
5. Death
4. Pentagram
3. Bathory
2. Sabbath
1. Motörhead

At the moment:

13. Witch
12. Front Beast
11. Happy Days
10. Municipal Waste
9. Taake
8. Witchcraft
7. Forgotten Tomb
6. WeedEater
5. Toxic Holocaust
4. Drudkh
3. Acid Witch
2. Electric Wizard
1. FaustCoven