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Metal newbie 
Full name:
Favourite metal genre(s):
Heavy, black, death, folk 

29 y/o Finnish guy who primarily reviews albums that either have few or no reviews yet.

Rating system:
100 - Flawless: Everything simply works. May have some minor downsides but nothing that takes away from my enjoyment. All-time favourite of mine!
90 - Great: Extremely well-made album. Has some downsides that prevent it from being my all-time favourite.
80 - Very Good: All around well-made album. Does things that elevates it above just an "good" album.
70 - Good: Solid good album. Not much else to say.
60 - Fine: Decent album that has qualities that elevate it above mediocrity.
50 - Mediocre: Album that doesn't do anything special. It just exists.
40 - Below Average: Mediocre album that annoys me for some reason.
30 - Bad: Lots of stuff not working. May have been genuine attempt to do something different but fails hard.
20 - Very Bad: Same as "bad" album but much more severe case of suckage.
10 - Trash: Album that belongs in the trash bin. Doesn't bring anything worthwhile to the table, thus it has no reason to exist. Also reserved for cases when band attempted to appeal for mainstream audiences (as in general mainstream audience, not just within metal).
0 - Nothing: Album that doesn't exist.