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Metal freak 
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United States 
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Doom, Traditional, Power 

Lavaborne, Christopher Steve, Echo Hall, ex-Spirit Division. Currently working for Ghost Cult Magazine. Ask me about my cats.

I've finally figured out a solid grading scale. Here's hoping I stick with it!

100% A+: A literally flawless album.
95% A: A fantastic album with a minor nitpick or two. Any music fan should enjoy this.
90% A-: Deserving of classic status, essential listening for genre fans.

85% B+: A very enjoyable album just shy of classic status.
80% B: A good album, fun to listen to but it won't blow my mind
75% B-: A decent album with enough good ideas to make it worth checking out.

70% C+: An average album with potential not fully realized.
65% C: The closest I'll get to total indifference
60 C-: Either a poor execution of a good idea or a good execution of a bad idea. Just not for me.

55% D+: A deeply flawed album that I might appreciate ironically.
50% D: Oh gods, are you even trying?
45% D-: This sucks

40%-30% F+: This really sucks
25-15% F: You have to go out of your way to be this bad.
10-0% F-: I'm still not convinced this level of bad exists in musical form.