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I'm a NWOBHM junkie. I'll chew and swallow any and every piece of crap that was released in Britain between 1979 and 1985. Sadly, my resources are limited, and old NWOBHM vinyls are not easy to find. And I'm not a "the chase is better than the catch" kind of person. But there you go. Slowly but surely, my collection of vinyls grows steadily.

Other things you may wish to know:

I listen to just about every form of metal, aside from NWOBHM, depending on my mood (except prog perhaps). That means, I don't mind some Malevolent Creation, Emperor, Dark Angel, Blind Guardian or Trouble every once in a while, though of course you're far more likely to find a Saxon or Maiden or Priest record running in my stereo at any given time.

I have been known to ejaculate while Maiden are on stage. Repeatedly.

Despite being of legal driving age, I do not own a driver's license (being poor sucks). Thus, I do not own a motorbike. I do, however, look like a biker. Sometimes.

I sing in three bands. Well... I bark in three bands. You wouldn't believe how being seen on stage shouting into a microphone will boost your chances of getting laid. It really is quite miraculous.

I was once at an Iron Maiden gig and I'd forgotten I had a stink bomb in me pocket. During some Good Friendly Violent Fun (I seem to recall it was during the Can I Play With Madness solo), the thing went off, and it stank up the whole place. Great way of getting out of a moshpit (but why would you want to?).

I am the town drunkard.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is the best song ever.

Battleaxe - Burn This Town. If you've never heard this album, track it down and wear it out.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Warlock baked some of the hottest, spiciest, tastier steaming heavy metal in the history of teutonic metal.

He may have Sold His Soul To MTV, but Ozzy Osbourne IS one of the founding fathers of Heavy Metal, and the prototype of the Heavy Metal frontman. He is therefore pardoned for all his.. embarassing performances in the past ten-fifteen years. Besides, you know it's really all Sharon's fault. All Hail the Madman.

Fancy some good thrash? Try the following bands: Dark Angel, Tankard, Wehrmacht, Razor, Mortal Sin.