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United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
good metal 

My rating scale:

100% The greatest thing ever, and you're only reading the review for entertainment, not cos you don't have it. Right?

90-99% A transcendant masterwork that elevates beyond a great metal album, and is simply great music. There shouldn't be more than 50-60 albums with this ranking in my review section.

80-89% A Metal classic. It has a flaw or two, and doesn't really rise above the metal tag, but it's still essential.

70-79% an album that I thoroughly enjoy, but I can't wholeheartedly give it 4 star status.

60-69% A slightly above average album, probably has 5-7 good songs on it, but nothing more.

50-59% Guilty pleasures or simply average albums. Nothing I would bring up in a serious conversation of the greats.

40-49% Really bland or mediocre. Has maybe 2-3 good songs I give repeat listens, but as an album, it fails.

30-39% This kinda sucks. If it's from a great band (Satan forbid) I'll listen to it once every two years to try and convince myself "come on! it's (band x)! It has to be great!" Then I listen to it and go "nope."

20-29% This really sucks.


0-9% I'm sorry, but if you genuinely, unironically think this is good, you should be henceforth banned from any discussion about metal. Better yet, banned from discussion from music. If you like this, I can only imagine how horrible your taste in pop/rap/country/punk must be.