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Train_of_Consequences's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Juan Sebasti├ín Galvis 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, Progressive, Speed 

A die-hard fan of rock, being metal the most beloved genre among all. Specially thrash and progressive. Some power metal isn't bad as well, but it's not a personal favorite.

My ranking goes:

100: The TOP of everything. To this day, NOT a single album, CD, DVD, or anything has won this mention. And by the day I die, I'm pretty sure just a few would.

99 - 91 : It's a masterpiece, a collectable, a gem. Almost to wrap it on plastic, and put it in a time capsule for the further generations.

90 - 81: Pretty solid work, with a few, almost tiny flaws. A certified purchase.

80 - 71: A good piece of music, that could've gone better. A few fillers here or there, but the highlights really stand out.

70 - 61: In the edge of mediocrity. Saved only for some good golden nuggets in the mud.

60 - 51: Plain and simple. Not totally bad, but CERTAINLY not good. To pass by.

50 - 41: This is supposed to be a torture from Inquisition. So strap those chains tightly, dude, cuz' you're going for some real shit S&M.

40 - 31 : This is barely audible, not even classifies as music. WARNING: cover your dog ears, or face animal death.

30 - 21: Mutilating ears has become a costume practice after this, seasoned with a good-old-fashioned eye-picking, and a bullet trough the head for grand finale.

20 - 11: "St. Anger" bad... get it?

0 - 10: Coprophagy with fat ladies (kinda, sort of,...)