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TonyCox's profile

Mallcore kid 
Full name:
Tony Cox 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Hard metal 

Tony Cox is currently a freelance writer, English teacher, and mentor. Although he has taught students from age two through seventy-two, he spent most of his classroom years teaching high school English and writing, where he also served as a new teacher mentor. He has trained with the College Board in A.P. Literature, A.P. Language, and Vertical Teaming. Tony has also written an Adult ESOL curriculum for Palm Beach County and American Literature curriculum for an online high school course with KC Distance Learning. After leaving the classroom, he served as Executive Director and Master Tutor for a learning center specializing in college preparation.

Tony is available for online tutoring to work with adult students as well as students in grades 6 - 12. He specializes in writing and reading comprehension. If you'd like to know more about Tony's tutoring services, please contact him via the email option displayed on this page. He also has a comprehensive video course produced by entitled Journeying Towards Success in Writing currently available online. To view a free sample video from the complete course, click here.

Tony earned his B.A. in English and certificate in Women's Studies in 1995. He later won a scholarship from the English-Speaking Union to attend Oxford University in England, taking graduate courses in English Literature. In 2003, Tony earned his M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in English as well as his ESOL endorsement.

SInce then, Tony has attended numerous creative writing workshops and retreats. Tony has written essays included in the following publications: Knoxville Writers' Guild Anthology, Skirt! Magazine, Moondance Literary Magazine and MetroPulse, two of which can be viewed online: In The River of Now and Soul Revival: A Journey Toward Truth. He also has many articles published online with and is currently working on a collection of essays describing his travels.

Tony has a passion for travel. He has visited England, France, Spain and Morocco. In 2007, he and his wife succumbed to their wanderlust and recently finished a two-year American sojourn in an RV with their cats.