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I'm on this site because I like to write reviews. I'm always changing my mind when it comes to ratings because some songs take a very long time till they start growing on you. I know the moderators are sick of me editing my reviews, but I'm constantly changing my thoughts.

I don't like to give a rating lower than 50, because I usually manage to find certain good things about an album that aren't worth a rating lower than 50 (but sometimes I don't find anything). I also don't review albums which aren't in my range of metal. For example, I cannot stand thrash metal, but I think that some people might find it great, so I don't rate it. I get super pissed when I see some drone metal fan giving a 0 rating to a perfect gothic metal album. I find that very unfair. It's the only thing that I'd like Metal Archives to improve. People should rate albums that they CAN like. I mean, I've tried some death metal bands and hated them, but I don't review them because I know that I'm comparing them with the greatness of some other gothic metal albums.

The albums which I gave the 100 rating to are perfect in every way. I'm not one of those people that gives a 100 rating and then say that I dont like a certain track. If an album received a 100 from me, it means that it has no flaw, and every track is amazing.

This is my rating philosophy:
100 - A 100 is given when the album is the best from its genre. However, it doesn't mean that they're my favorites, it just means that they have no flaw.
91-99 - Excellent. It has a few flaws, but overall, it's amazing.
81-90 - Very good. Not in the zone of perfection, but still highly recommended.
71-80 - A bit disappointing, yet still worth getting.
61-70 - Not the best metal. For die-hard fans of the genre only.
51-60 - Weak, yet still in the tolerable range.
25-50 - Not alot of albums in this range, but they're all a waste of money. Pure junk!
0-25 - Hilariously bad. Use these CDs as coasters.

My favorite bands are After Forever and Tristania. "World of Glass" and "Invisible Circles" are my favorite albums of all time.