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Other than obligatory metal bands that every metalhead should be very familiar with (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Blind Guardian, etc.), I also absolutely love to search and dig out some not so popular and well-known bands from ''exotic'' countries (especially from Eastern Europe). That's what I recommend to anyone who truly loves metal: to be open-minded for new music and experiences. You never know how great music you can find!

I will tend to review albums that have none or very few reviews, because I think it's far more useful to potential readers to get some informations about some unknown albums (and possibly be intrigued about them), rather than reading stuff like ''Powerslave is awesome'', ''St. Anger is pure crap'', etc. You already know that.

In my reviews, I don't tend to give scores less than 50 percents, because I think that in almost every album you can find something to like, something outstanding that can raise the whole thing above average. This rather indulgent point of view is a consequence of an enormous respect I have for musicians and their effort and creativity put into making music. However, if you see a review of mine with a ranking below 50, it's a good sign that something went horribly, horribly wrong...

Anyway, even though the comparisons of the albums I've reviewed basing on the percentage don't necessarily mean that one album's better than another (they usually do), still, this is the rough rating scale of mine:

100% - Only one album has reached this divine status. So far.
95-99% - Oh my god, I'm in heaven!
90-94% - Truly excellent album, and a must for any genre devotee.
85-89% - Almost excellent, but something's missing... Still, don't expect to be disappointed with this one.
80-84% - Very good album, well worth checking out.

From now on, the bar of quality drops down significantly, but I'm a generous guy, you see.

75-79% - Quite average, but with occasional spark of brilliance. Most of albums fall into this category.
70-74% - Epitome of average. That's about it.
60-69% - Sub-standard, with some redeeming flaws. Only for one or two listens.
50-59% - Bad. Just bad.
40-49% - For fanboys and masochists only.
0-39% - A deadly sin for the responsible artists. Never, ever bother with this shit.

I am also an avid fan of sports, football (soccer) and basketball in particular. I am a fan of Manchester United for twenty-three years now (since I started watching football as a kid). Glory Glory Man United!

"Здесь для слабых места нет..."