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Thrasher53's profile

Metal newbie 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death, Thrash, Black, Grind 

I'm hoping to resume reviewing very soon.

I love REAL death metal. None of that slam/wigger/core garbage that has been masquerading as death metal for quite some time these days. I also enjoy bits of thrash, black, grindcore, traditional, and even one or two more aggressive US power metal bands.

Downloading is fine for out of print material but I try to BUY my metal. Whatever happened to dedication to the music? I refuse to become an "internet metalhead" who downloads everything he can find anywhere instead of making a trip to a local metal records store and accumulate massive collections of material to obtain "kvlt" points. Not that everyone who does a vast amount of MP3 downloading is like that but in my age group (among metal heads) its common as hell. Some downloading is fine but as an over-indulgence its part of what is wrong with metal today.

Outside of metal I love Progressive Rock, Hip Hop, Some Classical, and lots of extreme Punk (almost all kinds).