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The_Ginger_Behemoth's profile

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Andy Nokes 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Funeral Doom, Experimental 

People call me "the Ginger Behemoth" because I am just that, a tall ginger kid. I live in North Ridgeville, Ohio. I attend Lorain County Community College pursuing a degree in biology. I''ve played in a few local bands, none of which ever really intrigued or engaged me, more or less just "doing it for the hell of it". My current band is called Chelicerata. We are mainly a 3-piece band, with vocalists coming and going as they please or leaving under heavy suggestion from the rest of the band. We haven''t really found a vocalist that works with our musical aspirations, so we are actively searching for a permanent "non-flaky and sincere" vocalist. I would classify us as experimental/progressive death/thrash/southern metal, but because all 3 members are college students, we are all poor as fuck and can''t afford nor have the time for any decent recording studio, so the recordings on our myspace ( are not good at all, hence our submission got rejected...oh well, life goes on. I am actively seeking out musicians to jam with, I''m a drummer by trade, but also have, from what I''ve been told, great death metal/deathcore/whatever vocal talent, and also have some keyboard experience, so if you live near me then I would love to jam sometime. If you like talking about music, especially metal, feel free to talk to me on myspace, im always up for a good conversation. I have a very extensive collection of cds (rough estimate 8000) of everything metal and other good music. Most of the concerts I attend are in Cleveland, some in Akron, Lakewood, Columbus, and Toledo, so if there is a metal show around there, chances are good that I will be there, unless of course I''m at work...fuck work. Anyway if you want to plan something or just talk feel free to talk to me through myspace or facebook.