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The_Desolate_One's profile

Favourite metal genre(s):

I'm a huge fan of doom metal and anything related and melancholy in general (like sludge, stoner, post-metal, some black metal and even some gothic metal), so I tend to review bands that fall within this scope.

I have been a member of MA for a while now, and had written a few reviews, some of which later got deleted for being sub-par (well, to be frank, I didn't quite have a good grasp of English back then), and now I have decided to start being more active again.

When I write a review I like to evaluate not just the musicians' technical prowess or how much it all pleases my ears (though these things obviously count), but especially how everything - music, themes, lyrics, feelings and song structures - come together in the album. You know, what kind of statement it makes and how it compares with other bands that do similar things.

Sometimes I like writing negative reviews, not because I'm a bitter dick, but because I find it more interesting to point out where exactly an album falters than it is to gush over how everything is "a masterpiece" or "a work of art", like many metalheads often enjoy doing. I'm usually a little negative even in my positive reviews, but I find that focusing a bit on the flaws helps highlight an album's strong points.

At last, I'd also like to add that there are plenty of other users on other websites and forums (like Gaia online and, eek, Vampire Freaks) called "The_Desolate_One". This is just a coincidence and tells I should have been more creative when I registered, instead of just taking the name from a Tiamat song. I'm none of those people.