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The_Desolate_One's profile

Favourite metal genre(s):
Doom and all things melancholy 

I guess I'd say I'm primarily a fan of doom metal and all things related, ever since I was a teen and picked up Katatonia's Dance of December Souls at a local record store. For some years, however, I listened almost exclusively to sludge, stoner, and post-metal. I also enjoy some black metal and even gothic metal, so I tend to review bands that fall within this scope. I also like stuff that is just plain weird. My favorite bands, which I've been listening to ever since I was young and never got tired of, are Neurosis, the Melvins, Mr. Bungle, Acid Bath (and all things Dax Riggs is involved), Corrosion of Conformity, Cathedral, Skepticism, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Giant Squid, Tiamat, Septicflesh, Rotting Christ, Sear Bliss, Made Out of Babies (and all things Julie Christmas is involved), and Swans.

I have been a member of MA for a while now, and had written a few reviews, some of which later got deleted for being sub-par (well, to be frank, I didn't quite have a good grasp of English back then), and now I have decided to start being more active again, though it's a bit of an on and off thing for me. I like to write reviews as it helps me understand better my own tastes and keep track of what I've been listening to.

When I write a review I like to evaluate not just the musicians' technical prowess or how much it all pleases my ears (though these things obviously count, as far as I can judge), but especially how everything—music, themes, lyrics, feelings and song structures—come together in the album. You know, what kind of statement it makes and how it compares with other bands that do similar things.

My rating goes like this: I begin at 50%. A perfect 50% is an album which doesn't bother me (no cringey moments) when played, but which is also unremarkable and has no identifyable high points. I then give or deduct points based on how it deviates from this, bringing it closer to 100% the more it hits and closer to 0% the more it misses. Albums below 50% still have to struggle a bit before being mediocre (though they may have one or two good songs). Albums around 70% are pretty OK, though they may lack something essential (variation, direction, innovation). At 80% they are good, but somehow flawed, and everything in the 90% range is on its way towards being a masterpiece. I refrain from giving many perfect scores, though.

At last, I'd also like to add that there are plenty of other users on other websites and forums (like Gaia online and, eek, Vampire Freaks) called The_Desolate_One. This is just a coincidence and tells I should have been more creative when I registered, instead of just taking the name from a Tiamat song. I'm none of those people.