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TheUnhinged's profile

Metal knight 
Email address:
Full name:
Dante D.  
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Doom, Sludge, Gothic, Drone 

I am also a reviewer and contributor of

Enthusiast of slow, depressive, and melodic sounding metal. I am mostly interested in doom and gothic, though I dip into death and black as well at times.

I am involved in two projects at the moment;

I am the vocalist for Tel, in which we play sludge/doom/post-metal, inspired by Isis, Neurosis, and Cult of Luna.

I also have a recording project called Black Aurora. We play slow atmospheric doom with gothic influences, featuring clean male and female vocals, funereal sounding riffs, lots of pianos and organs, and an eerie cathedral-like atmosphere. That project is mostly inspired by 90's doom like Morgion, The 3rd and the Mortal, Katatonia, and Funeral.

The following is a list of bands and musicians that I listen to the most, both metal and non-metal.

Katatonia, Funeral, Dead Can Dance, Crowbar, My Dying Bride, Earth, Tristania, Bethlehem, October Tide, Opeth, Paradise Lost, The Gathering, Evanescence, Tiamat, Gorguts, Chelsea Wolfe, Sunn O))), Draconian, Electric Wizard, Anathema, Type O Negative, Oathbreaker, Agalloch, Cathedral, Ulver, The Sisters of Mercy, Madder Mortem, Lifelover, King Dude, The 3rd and the Mortal, Mourning Beloveth, Have a Nice Life, Burning Witch, Mournful Congregation, Windhand, :Of the Wand & the Moon:, High on Fire, Woods of Ypres, Evoken, Antimatter, Mazzy Star, Morgion, Theatre of Tragedy, YOB, King Woman, among plenty of others.