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Favourite metal genre(s):

If my reviews don't match up to the "end score" (for example an album being rated 83% but the end saying 9/10), it's because I went back and changed the score later on (back when it was possible to do that without the review returning to the queue).

I have strict rules on what is 'metal' and what is not. I think of metal as aggressive music accompanied by passion and anger. So, I basically love anything that's metal, and hate anything that tries to be but fails (most slam death, most metalcore, all industrial, etc.)

Top 10 best albums:
"Awaken the Guardian" - Fates Warning
"None so Vile" - Cryptopsy
"Pierced From Within" - Suffocation
"Among the Living" - Anthrax
"A Blaze in the Northern Sky" - Darkthrone
"Beneath the Remains" - Sepultura
"Images and Words" - Dream Theater
"Symbolic" - Death
"Considered Dead" - Gorguts
"Bergtatt..." - Ulver

soooooo many more...

Sorry for the inclusion of exclusivly older albums on there. I like newer metal too, just these are the ones that come to mind immediatly.

Oh, and fuck all you trve/kvlt "metalheads". You're just whiners; "It's not Altars of Madness wahhhh wahhh wahhh". If you were real metalheads you'd stick by metal through think and thin. So suck it up and headbang, be glad these kids are letting their aggression out playing metal than by other means. Yeah, obviously older metal is better, but face it, it's a tad bit unrealistic to think metal should always stay the same throughout it's existance. It evolves into new forms all the time, and that's why we've had it for so long, even if some of those forms are less desirable than others.

Some of the albums in my collection are CD-R's (soon to be removed) and some were purchased on iTunes. Most were purchased legit though (at fye/best buy or on amazon/ebay).