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TheMeh's profile

Full name:
Sean Carter 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Progressive Metal 

...hmm? How the hell'd you manage to get to this page of MA?

Well, as long as you're here, I may as well introduce myself. My name's Sean, although... I'd prefer if you went by my actual username, "TheMeh". I'm more or less a guy just trying to live his life, play some good games, and listen to good shit while I do both of those things. Most of the time, I tend to do all three! Quite fun, I guess.

I write a good bit on the side, too. Reviews are among that, but I've got short stories I write, too. Might share 'em around, someday. Among the fact that I read a good number of things like webcomics, but... yeah, I don't want to drag this too far.

I hope my opinions around these parts are taken well? I'm not the type that likes to offend.

"The 100 Club" (aka, albums I've reviewed here with 100% ratings):

1. Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine: Biomech