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TheMeh's profile

Full name:
Sean Carter 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Most things, to be honest. 

...hmm? How the hell'd you manage to get to this page of MA?

Well, as long as you're here, I may as well introduce myself. My name's Sean, although... I'd prefer if you went by my actual username, "TheMeh". I'm more or less a guy just trying to live his life, play some good games, and listen to good shit while I do both of those things. Most of the time, I tend to do all three! Quite fun, I guess. I write a good bit on the side, too.

Anyways... I hope my opinions around these parts are taken well? I'm not the type that likes to offend anyone.


"The 100 Club" (aka, albums I've reviewed here with 100% ratings - by order of review):

1. Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine: Biomech
2. The Devin Townsend Band - Accelerated Evolution
3. Strapping Young Lad - Alien
4. Devin Townsend - Ziltoid the Omniscient
5. Ghost - IMPERA


"The Septic Tank" (aka, releases I've reviewed here with 20% or less - also by order of review):

1. Queensr├┐che - Frequency Unknown (1%)
2. Grieving Age - Merely The Fleshless We And The Awed Obesquy (0%)
3. Wintersun - Time I (5%)
4. Ghost - Prequelle (5%)
5. Waking the Cadaver - Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler (0% - fuck this album in particular)
6. Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest (20%)
7. Deafheaven - Sunbather (15%)
8. Ghost - Seven Inches of Satanic Panic (0% - also fuck this EP)
9. Strapping Young Lad - Strapping Young Lad (20%)
10. Wintersun - Warning (10% - single, and a bad one at that)


My review score metric:

0%-10%: The fact that this exists alone pisses me off and those involved should be shot.

11%-20%: I'm still incredibly disappointed, but I see that there was effort, or perhaps, some merit, in this product existing.

21%-40%: Grey areas. Honestly lacking substance. Some are good coaster material, others have... aspects of quality deep within them. Sometimes I wish they were visible.

41%-50%: Not much yet, but... getting there. You created a double edged sword. Keep trying and maybe you'll be worth something.

51%-60%: Decent. Certainly imperfect, but... worth at least giving a spin every now and again. Still uncertain if it's worthwhile, but it exists.

61%-70%: Good. Missed the mark in a number of areas, but, hey! I liked some of the product enough to give it a good review.

71%-80%: Great. There's often a good chance I'll return to this album, or grab a physical copy (I like CDs).

81%-90%: Amazing. I'm running out of things to complain about. Definitely a buy if I can find it, and will return to quite often.

91% - 100%: Zeus Metal - the ambrosia of the gods. I either own this or am actively pursuing a copy of this record as we speak, out of pure adoration for it.