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Thrash and thrash accessories 

R.I.P. Diamhea – truly a legend on MA. Looking to see you again in another life, friend.

Welcome, stranger!

27/06/2015 – According to the forum, the day I joined this site. Very few things have remained unchanged since. It's been a wild journey so far, and it somehow manages to keep surprising me.

Would you like to request a review from me?
Step one: ask yourself if you are really sure.
Step two: hit me up at any time at (dimitrimolotov86 @ It's a secondary mail, thus occasionally I may go several days without checking it. Don't be mad at me. I'll appreciate if the release in question falls within my 'comfort zone', especially thrash – which I have already covered ad nauseam but I can't say I'm not always eager for more – alternatively those below (note that usually I'm not that well-versed in those genres and I'll probably need to make a little more research and/or further listening). In any case, I can listen to a bit of everything at the end of the day.
Step three: enjoy your 60-100% rating unless your album really manages to annoy the fuck out of me.

You're here because I've rejected one of your reviews?
If that doesn't make you feel bad enough, note that this particular edgelord in charge of accepting what's allowed on the metal-est website in the world and what isn't was probably listening to Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, or similar stuff while doing it. More seriously, you're of course free to hatemail me (I mean, I can't physically prevent you from doing so), and I reckon I can be a bit nitpicky sometimes, but bear in mind that, no matter which mod gets a look at it, the rules for acceptance remain the same. If I were you, I'd rather focus my efforts on doing my best to respect them – but everyone's free at the end of the day. It goes without saying that I'm always willing to discuss and clarify where needed, at the above address, through a PM in the forums, etc. I'm a friendly dude, I just don't like to be approached by less friendly dudes.

Random stuff about me:

I'm constantly dividing myself between study and work, leaving the crumbs to my social life, and writing some reviews in the meantime, so the output usually has an alarmingly inconstant frequency, even more so now that I spend most of my time on the site managing the review queue. As such, I mainly avoid high-profile bands and focus on albums with very few and/or old reviews, as a rule of thumb not sporting already 10+ works of people way more competent than me. My go-to albums are often virgins, especially during the winter challenges.

I'm aware that my English, especially in my very first writings, is by no means flawless, since I'm basically self-taught in this field. Currently setting 2018 as the year I seemingly figured out somewhat of a consistent style. I might sporadically adjust/expand my earlier reviews, as well as soften some cringe-inducing stuff and awkward phrasing you'll surely find – I could obviously rewrite them from scratch and make them better, but wouldn't that also be rewriting history?

Mainly treading the Review Discussion forum, we can connect up there or in the PMs if needed. Occasionally helping any poor soul who happens to be worse than me in the Feedback Workshop. I've also started collaborating with, under my real (nick)name above. Latest reviews written for the 'zine will include a link, and some of my older ones will be posted as well.

I am either too lazy or not prolific enough to provide a rating scale for my reviews, like many do. Always keep in mind that yours will never be as cool as BastardHead's one, though. I also can't see the need in being the umpteenth user to point out that a 90-100% album is nearly flawless, a 0-10% is crap and so forth. Seriously, just stop doing that. Just know that I'm not nearly as harsh with ratings as many are. Also, scores are meant in a global scale of my tastes, so they can be subject to (minor) changes over the years.

Favourite reviewers (both for writing style and correspondence to my musical tastes):

Demon Fang
Diamhea (R.I.P.)
Hellish_Torture (apparently disappeared)
Felix 1666
Lord_Of_Diamonds (once cut that edge, he's a great writer)
UltraBoris (very occasionally, yep, I admit)

I might add someone else I don't remember now with time. Keep on rocking guys, I love you.

Also a soccer enthusiast, amateur player and great expert, as well as videogame lover (but not flat-out nerd), and since my teenage years in a long, satisfying love relationship with beer. I used to have a real girlfriend once, but then I took an arrow in the knee. Since I wanted to be sure the wound would heal safely, I started studying engineering.


Father: Morbid Saint – Spectrum of Death
Son: Devastation – Idolatry
Holy Spirit: Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare
(fourth wheel: Sepultura – Beneath the Remains)

Behold the Triumvirate of Revival Thrash Metal:

Fog of War – Here Lies Humanity
Hexen – State of Insurgency
Exmortus – In Hatred's Flame
(fourth man: Lich King – Born of the Bomb)

According to the mood I'm in, I listen to a bit of everything. That includes: pop (as long as it's not disposable, worthless stuff), punk (especially pop-punk, I'm a '90s kid after all), rap (mostly if it's aggressive and/or mixed with metal elements, see Cypress Hill, Tech N9ne), electronica (same as before, i.e. The Prodigy, Celldweller, Pendulum, drum and bass), rock/hard rock, heavy, power, death as long as it isn't too weird, black metal if it's got either atmosphere (Dissection reign supreme) or brutality (1349). I can't understand grindcore (except for few selected exceptions like Terrorizer, The Kill), noise, deathcore, djent, black metal which doesn't follow the above, drone, slam; I'm not too fond of the modern school of virtually interchangeable tech death bands either. Outside of this site I feel a deep hatred for trap and reggaeton (which unfortunately surround me more and more as time passes by), and for a good 90% of the music coming from my country as well.

Ultimately, my complete physical collection – with non-metal stuff as well – is available on Discogs for space reasons (link at the top – it's not a rickroll, I swear!). Note that none of those items is for sale, should you ever wonder such a thing.

To save even more space, I moved my other favourite/less favourite bands to a pastebin at: Again, not a rickroll (you'll have to trust me on this one).

Stay Metal... or, you know, just listen to whatever you like.