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The Red Tower's profile

Metal demon 
Full name:
Favourite metal genre(s):
Trve Metal, Trve Plastic Metal 

Metalhead at heart and archivist by profession. Pretty obvious I had to join this great project one day...


Only CD is real!

Albums I'm still looking for (physical releases):
- Querubes: Querubes (Demo)
- Querubes: Lost Century (Full-length)

In case someone got one of those available: Please drop me a PM at the forum. You shall be rewarded with gold and honour!


Favourite bands:
- Aborym (up to "Dirty"), Abysmal Grief, Abyssos, Accept, Acheron (Tampa/USA), Ad Infinitum (Switzerland), Ahab, Akvan [اكوان], Alestorm, Amberian Dawn, Ambush (Växjö/Sweden), Amon Amarth, Ancient Moon, Angel of Mercy (USA), Angelcorpse, Anorexia Nervosa, Anthelion [幻日] (Taiwan), Antlers, Anvil, Arc of Ascent, Archgoat, Arduini/Balich, Arsis, Artch, Artillery, Atlain
- Babylon (Germany), Bathory, Battle Axe, Battle Beast, Beastcraft, Black Sabbath, Blackthorn (Russia), Blasphemophagher, Blessed Death, Blitzz, Blood Money (UK), Blood of Kingu (Ukraine), Book of Wyrms, Brainstorm (Germany), Bullet (Germany), Bunker 66, Burial (Netherlands), Burzum (up to "Filosofem"), Bütcher
- Cannibal Corpse, Chained Lace, Chastain, Cianide, Civil War, Condescension, Coroner, Craft, Crillson, Crossfire (Belgium), Crypt Lurker
- Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Darkspace, Darkthrone, Datura (New Zealand), Death Dealer (Encinitas/USA), Death rides a Horse, Décembre Noir, Defender (Netherlands), Dekapited (Chile), Delain, Devin Townsend Project, Devouror, Diabolical Masquerade, Diabulus in Musica, Dies Ater, Dismember (Sweden), Djevel, Domine, Doomslaughter, Dynazty
- Ego Fall [颠覆M], Eisenkult, Ensiferum, Event Horizon X, Evile (UK), Exciter (Canada), EZO (incl. "Flatbacker")
- Fastkill, First Dawn, Fjoergyn, F.K.Ü., Flames of Hell
- Genocide Nippon, Ghost (Poland), Goatlord (USA), Gotsu Totsu Kotsu [兀突骨], Grai [Грай], Grand Magus, Grave Digger, Grim Reaper, Grond (Russia)
- Hacavitz, HammerFall, Harmasar, Havukruunu, Heavy Sentence, Heavydeath (incl. "Den Tunga Döden"), Hellhammer, Hellhound (Japan), Helrunar, High Tension (Germany), Hydra Vein (Brighton/UK)
- Ignivomous, Immortal (Norway), In Extremo, Infester (USA), Inquisition (Colombia), Iron Angel, Iron Maiden, Iron Slaught, Isengard (Norway)
- John Gallow
- Kalmah, Katharsis (Zwickau/Germany), Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith, King Diamond, Knopf, Krypt
- Lääz Rockit, Lace Dragon, Lamb of God (incl. "Burn the Priest"), Legend (New Haven/USA), Lofton, Lucifer's Friend (incl. "Asterix"), Luzifer
- Mael Mórdha, Malokarpatan, Mania (Hamburg/Germany), Maniac (Austria), Manilla Road, Manowar, Marquis de Sade (UK), Meanstreak (USA), Medieval Steel, Mercyful Fate, Monolord, Moonsorrow, Mortuorial Eclipse, Motörhead, Murg, Mutilator (Brazil), Myrath (incl. "Xtazy")
- Narbeleth, Narjahanam [نار جهنم], Nazgûl (Italy), Nehëmah, Nervosa, Nightwish (up to "Once"), Nile, Nuclear Assault
- Obsession (USA), Ogre (USA)
- Pentagram (USA; incl. "Macabre"), Phrenetix, Piledriver (incl. "Dogs with Jobs" and "The Exalted Piledriver"), Possessed, Powerlord (USA), Powerwolf, Profane Order, Protector, Pyöveli
- Querubes
- Rage of Light, Razorwyre, Red Circuit, ReinXeed (incl. "Majestica"), Rhapsody (of Fire), Rock Goddess
- Saccage, Sacrilege (Birmingham/UK; up to "Within the Prophecy"), Sadistik Exekution, Sanguis (Austria), Savatage, Saxon, Schattenvald, Schwarzer Engel, Selvageria, Seven Sins (Kazakhstan), Seven Spires, Shelton Chastain, Sinistro, Sir Lord Baltimore, Skyforger (incl. "Grindmaster Dead"), Slaughter (Canada), Slayer (USA; up to "Seasons in the Abyss"), Sledge Leather, Sodom (Gelsenkirchen/Germany), Sölicitör, Solitude Aeturnus, Sonne Adam, Star One, Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper (incl. "Steve Grimmett"), Sulphur Aeon, Svartsot, Svolder, Sword (Canada)
- Target (Belgium), Tears of Magdalena, Temple of Oblivion (Germany), Teräsbetoni, Testament, Texas Hippie Coalition, ThunderStorm (Bergamo/Italy), Tomb Mold, Törr (incl. "666"), Tötenwolf, Truppensturm, Tsjuder, Tulsadoom, Twisted Sister, Tyranny (Finland), Tysondog
- Untimely Demise, Urgehal, Urn (Finland)
- Victim (San Diego/USA), Vidargängr, Visigoth, The Vision Bleak
- War (Sweden), W.A.S.P., Watain, Witchery (Sweden), Witchgöat, The Wounded Kings
- Xaos Oblivion
- Yith, YOB, Yonder Realm
- Zimmers Hole, ZOM


Little history lesson: In the former GDR, where I was born, fans of Metal music were labeled a part of the group of "negativ-dekadente Jugendliche" (negative-decadent youths) by the socialist powers and thus observed by the "Stasi" (colloquial abbreviation for "Ministry for State Security").

A list of (so-called) distinguishing marks was compiled for the "Heavy's" (as well as other subcultures) by the Stasi in the 1980s based on observations:
"- German translation: Adherents of extremely hard rock music (Heavy-metall) [Sic!]
- Clothing: in the style of western rockers; leather clothing; leather caps; jackets and trousers are studded; wearing high boots
- Hair-cut: short to chin-length
- Population and social origin: male-only population; usually craftsmen/skilled workers; purchasing and repairing the "gear" is expensive
- Attitude: elitist cult; they live for their rock idol; unworldly fanatism; disapprove state and society; not involved in church-based youth work
- Behaviour: aggressive; violent towards youths with different interests; partly neo-fascist tendency; appearance/presence based on the model of West German neo-fascist groupings
- Specifics: rejection of homosexuals"


Hails and up the Irons!