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Metal lord 
Full name:
Tachi Ikoma 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Heavy, Power & Speed Metal 

-Though I'm very much into bands from everywhere, you will find almost all of the bands I submit are from Japan. Otherwise I will be adding discographies or other missing band data to any random bands I encounter. You will also find me fixing errors within discographies and lineups when I catch them. As for reviews, I will usually review things I really enjoy, though I'll occasionally review something I found to be a disappointment.

-Feel free to contact me for help with reports of any kind regarding most bands, Japanese ones in particular being my forte.

-If you can't find an old Japanese release and I have it in my collection, I'd be more than happy to let you hear it, as long as it's a decent amount of years out of print and won't affect the band.


-I help run Japanese Metal Forum (, if you're a fan of Japanese metal, or are merely curious about the country's music, come check us out, tons of discussion about bands spanning many genres, including a few non-metal ones too.

-I also am a mod over on Heavy Metal Rarities (, though my activity there can be a bit limited at times. You're best-served trying to contact me here on M-A, on Japanese Metal Forum or over on YouTube.

-If you happen to be interested, I really like talking music history and have written a few articles and guides of varying size for JMF which can be found here:

And here:


My additional collection consists mostly of old Canadian rock bands, as well as the following:
Uchusentai: Noiz - Legend of the Rock & Roll Heroes
Uchusentai: Noiz - Meteors
B'z - The Circle
Condition Green - Mixed Up
Condition Green - Life of Change
Gackt - The Sixth Day
Fact - A Fact of Life
Heavy Metal Force I (2000 copies, wooden crate sleeve)
Heavy Metal Force III
Heavy Metal Force V
Neo Hard Shock
Kings - Kings
Metal Warning (2LP band sampler compilation)
Rabbit - Eat Here or to go?
T-Square - Truth
Onmyo-za - ニュースおみょーん2004 (Promo news announcement CD)
With - Dancin' With Me
Frenzy - Demo
Panic in the Zu - Die for the Noise demo
Gillarosh - Dance/Dreamin' Night single
Misshle - Science City
Roxcy - Free on Free
Ginbae - Ginbae
V.A. Wild Branding
V.A. Grand Metal Live II 5th Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy
Bad Boys - Bad Boys
V/A Little by Little and Bit by Bit
V/A Progressives' Battle From East / West
Outstanding - Outstanding
V/A EastWest '78
V/A EastWest '80
V/A EastWest '82
V/A Stage Flight Live '80
V/A Rock Jam '80
V/A LMC '82
V/A 8.8 Rock Day '75
V/A Independence 独立!!

Other albums I'm searching for:
Heavy Metal Force III (1st press with the tin sleeve)
Pageant - La Mosaique de la Reverie
Kamamura - Eternal Song