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SurvivedAbortion1's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Nick Finley 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Tech. Death & Thrash 

Reviews pending: 1
Reviews in the process of being written: 3
Contact: If you'd like to request I review an album or add a band or something of that nature (these things are encouraged), contact me through my YouTube account. If my it says my channel is "Not Available", just watch it till it's visible again. If you don't have a YouTube account yet need to contact me for whatever reason, make a youtube account. It's not hard, all you need is email.
I'll be adding some reviews of mostly underground shit, just to put my two cents in. You may notice most of my reviews are pretty favorable. That is because I feel that if an album isn't really good, I shouldn't waste my time reviewing it; unless I feel the need to express that it's really that bad. (Exodus- Let there be blood, Morbid Angel- Illud Divinum Insanus, Selloutica's Black Album, that kind of bullshit)
When I review an album, I find it important to be for the most part objective. Sure, I may give a band like, say, Slayer, some pity for releasing "God Hates Us All" after releasing Hell Awaits but I still will hate GHUA just as much. Some things I take into consideration when I review an album are the song structures and music, the general vocal and instrumental performance, the skill and unique technique of the vocalist and and musicians, the lyrics, whether or not/how well the studio production compliments the music overall, how the album contrasts with the previous and subsequent work of the band, and basically any and every other frivolous little thing my ears may seek out. These are just a few major points that I will primarily consider every review when applicable.
Also, because I have seen this done before, I'd like to make it clear that I'm not the kind of douchebat to do it: I will never review an album if I dislike it's genre. That's just pointless and unfair. If you're not sure what I mean, it'd be like if I was a religiously devout Black Metal fan who picked up a thrash CD, listened to it, and hated for one reason and one reason only: Because it wasn't black metal. "Fuck it if the 379 reviews of this essental, legendary classic were all overwhelmingly positive, I hate it because it's not Black Metal!" See why that would annoy? I'm not saying I'm afraid to appeal to a common opinion about something, I'm just saying I'm not a dick.
My rating system:

100%: A flawless masterpiece, something to be buried with when you die. E.g. "Hell Awaits" or "None So Vile" or "Among the Living", those kinds of undeniable albums that you'd have to hate the genre to not even at least be able to strongly appreciate. (I will NOT just throw around meaningless 100's. When you see a 100 review by me, the album is the real deal.)

90%: Just below that perfection mark, but is still great material and can still demonstrate how much the genre/artist has to offer. ("Persistence Of Time", "Bonded By Blood", "Alice In Hell")

80%: Not up there with the true greats, but still nowhere near bad. These albums should still find their way into your collection unless you don't care for the genre. ("South of Heaven", "Souls of Black", "Exreme Agression")

70%: Becoming less inspiring, but not quite into the realms of generic/mediocre, unless otherwise stated. They're *usually* still worthy of your attention, provided you really like the band/genre. ("Grin", "Divine Intervention", "Never, Neverland")

60%: Getting bad from here on. Most likely is mediocre and lacks originality, and/or has seriously debilitating faults. Only pick it up if you're brave and ready to be disappointed. ("Countdown to Extinction", "Force of Habbit", "Practice What You Preach")

50%: Things are worse and going downhill fast. Really dipping into mediocre, AND has some serious faults. Would be embarrasing to be caught listening to.

40%: Generic & unoriginal and/or has such inhibiting faults it'd drive you crazy to listen to it. Maybe if you condensed it you would get, like, collectively, five or less minutes (at most) of decent material.

30%: Waste of money, the good parts have less character than a statue. ("Good" is used pretty loosely here.)

20%: Like 30% only with NO good parts, and it's worse overall.

10%: If you bought this you considered a refund immediately after you finished vomiting, right?

0%: The "musical" equivalent of a festering heap of shit. Simply horribad.
NOT for those of a nervous disposition, weak stomach, those with child, heat conditions, or respiratory issues. Also this may induce depression. If I find you listening to this for any reason other than to intentionally piss yourself off, I will aggressively defenestrate you. You are warned.