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Metal newbie 
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United States 
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Black, Death, Doom 

Bass player for 35 years. Lean more toward the EXTREME side of Metal. Krieg, Abyssic Hate, Deathspell Omega, Satanic Warmaster, Graveland, Taake, Ulver, Beherit are among my most recent CD acquisitions.

About NSBM: Love many of the bands. Don't particularly agree with the NS philosophy. That said, I find nothing political about compelling chord structures, horrific larynx shredding or inventive drumming. Therefore, I can listen to and thoroughly enjoy many NS bands' music, while not particularly relishing the idea of having them as next door neighbors. I wouldn't want my tires slashed because I listen to Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis.

About Extreme Metal: In addition to Extreme Classical Music (e.g. Stockhausen, Berio, Verese, Schoenberg, Webern, et al) Extreme Metal is the music that really matters to me.

About me: Yeah, I'm probably older than your dad. But I've been SERIOUSLY into heavy music since I saw Black Sabbath and Deep Purple in 1970. I accept that 99.999 percent of my contemporaries don't particularly care for Mutiilation, Atheist and dISEMBOWELMENT. That's because they're MORONS.

I write a Metal review column for the local alternative newspaper. Hopefully I can begin writing some for this excellent site.

And finally: Like everybody else, I can't find a decent Metal drummer to play with.