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Listening to heavy metal has been a passion of mine ever since I was just a kid. I love holding discussions about reviews, albums, and bands from all genres of the metal continuum and try to keep an open mind to anything that finds its way into my ears. The metal continuum, for me incorporates other genres including: hard/metalcore, hard rock, punk, Nu-metal and glam. I also enjoy sounds of dungeon synth and ambient music as well.

My reviews are based simply on my impression of an album. Whether I enjoy or dislike a particular album, I try to write up a quick, but fair assessment of what I've heard and offer my honest opinion. Nothing more. Nothing less. I don't play an instrument, so my knowledge on such is lacking, but I try to listen for particular sounds that stand out or appear to miss the mark. I'm a pretty lenient grader. I don’t analyze every detail or sound of an album. As such, everything, in my mind, starts at a minimum 2 stars and goes from there. If an album receives less, it must have earned such a rating.

That being said, I'm always open for a discussion on anything I post or open to any other opinions and suggestions anytime. Feel free to express your own opinions or comments and I’ll be happy to respond.